Lil’ O

I hardly write about Oscar, so today I shall put in some effort to introduce the other O to the blogosphere. My sister calls it “second child syndrome” – we are all so much less finicky over him. Guess with experience comes less panics.

He is eight months old now, and likes to rub his head against me like a little puppy. I would do the same to him and he’ll just chuckle the next half hour away. My mom calls him puppybaby for being born in the year of the dog. We have more videos of him than photos as he is really animated and beaming smiles + chuckles all the time. Hence, it is also hard to share around here – this may also be the most probable reason for me to upgrade my WP so I can post videos. hehe.

He can crawl very fast now, and will go around the house looking for us adults. Sometimes he would crawl to the kitchen to bang his hands on the tin boxes like drums. Sometimes he would crawl to appliances and would stop midway and start bawling. My mom’s explanation is that he gets caned when he plays with the electrical appliances, so he stops in his tracks and starts crying because he knows he’s going to do something wrong and get smacked. HMMMMMM… The funnier thing was when both Os are together, they are so protective over each other. Just yesterday, Oliver stopped my mom and cried and apologised on Oscar’s behalf. Mom ended up having to explain to him (or them?) about danger, not just about being naughty.

Then yesterday, when Oliver was playing crazily and got ticked off, Oscar started crying. OMG. We had to explain to the eight-month-old that we weren’t scolding (or caning) his big bro.

I am starting to see why we are how we have grown up to be. I am extremely thankful that we were groomed by reason right from young, and that we were given so much freedom (aquarian parents!!) to explore our place in this bigbigworld right from young. Particularly since I am seeing how people around me are bringing up their next generation, I am also seeing how they came to be how they have grown to be.


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