Kungfu fighting

Pardon the children-pics-overload these few days. It’s Chinese New Year and it seems like a costume party galore for the little ones. A few times a year, they have to dress up in their ethnic dress (or any ethnic dress) – Chinese New Year, Racial Harmony Day, and I would assume during the Hari Raya / Deepavali celebrations too. Oliver’s dressing usually depends on the country / culture that anyone of us travelled to most recently.

So, he has been playing kungfu fighting these weeks, and really noisy at that. We could hear him the minute he stepped out of the elevator. Busy practising to fight off Kaiju (monster) and send it skedaddling in case he runs into it in Japan. Children’s imagination is amazing (or maybe his mom’s storytelling is amazing). He said he is going to Osaka because there is Kaiju in Tokyo. We asked him what else there is in Osaka and he said Ultraman (and he corrected my bro’s pronunciation!). I have also been quite a pain-in-the-ass and asking him about Urutoraman which he will correct me and say Ultraman, or he will say Urutoraman Ekkusu (Japanese pronunciation of Ultraman X). My dad had to nudge me to stop pissing him off. Hahaha.

His counting in Japanese is not too good so he counts really fast from one to ten. Hahaha. So I called him out on his koko-nana (actually 6roku 7nana) and … we ended up in a round of real kungfu fighting. Bro came out to break up the fight with a tiny cutesy Ultraman, and Oli switched his attention over immediately and asked whether Bro has other such toys. And very quickly skipped away. Almost like switching channel with a remote control. 😀

Big kids and small kids. Tsk.
And within all of us there is a little kiddo that appears on occasion! TSK!!!

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