Surprise, I’m back at ohborder! Will probably be posting everyday for the next two weeks! To show off my travel stories and photos, and also to retain some form of sanity, because it is going to be an action-packed fortnight!

Since school holidays started, my schedule was packed to the brim. In a way, i am extremely thankful for the divine magical hand that is managing my (and the universal) timing – for the huge workload to fill in so promptly the day I was relieved from school (instead of during school), and of course the abundance that fills pockets and makes up for the time “lost” to school.

Much of the packed schedule was also due to the trip planning (cancellation and the replanning and the extreme annoyance that comes with it). As I learn to put more faith in the Universe, I learnt to have more confidence in myself, and my decisions, and that resolve to stick to what I believe / feel is right. So yes, just two weeks this trip! And there’s a little voice that affirms me when I feel a little guilt-tripped – the voice says, “you are in no way responsible for another’s mood”. And that I have to be responsible for my own mood. So yes, rule number one – strong boundaries and say no to negative comments (on every darn thing under the sun). Walk away, or just chant a protection mantra to keep them away and keep myself in high vibrations. It is hard when you are travelling with someone who sees the bad in everything, Even in perfectly happy images. I don’t understand… But I shan’t even bother trying to.

I am now in – no surprise here – Paris. Got here yesterday, and headed straight to Bretagne (Brittany). I really enjoy the moments of what is, and watching the different people around me. But, why does it irk me so much that the person I am travelling with has so much to complain about? Why can’t I just view the person as just one of the grouchy folks that sit on the train or at the station?

Choosing to stay farrr farrr farrrr away seems like a good strategy to retain my sanity. But it’s too early to call it a win yet, I’m only on the second day of a sixteen-day trip.

Chin up, buttercup! Enjoy the weather and all the anonymous folks in their cool accents that I cannot understand~

I’ll blog about my happy day trip of peace when I’m back in the city!

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      1. Welcome. Good to hear from you again. 🙂

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