Rennes is more interesting than I imagined! I was expecting to enter an older(er) city of masonry buildings dotted with quaint wobbly-looking wooden facades. Instead, I entered the city via a very modern and beautiful train station, in trendy architectural style!
(Edit: just realised I was so immersed at the train station, I did not take photos of it!!! But look what I found on

There is a new development at the back of the gare, and the buildings are in different stages of construction, so it was pretty awesome to see how the different pieces come together. As we turned the corner, I saw more buildings classed in metal, very sleek industrial lines, yet there is some warmth to the buildings nonetheless.

After checking into the hotel, we headed to the Cathedral, passing by a major square enroute. Looks like it is the student zone and everyone looks like they are partying. Yes! They are, because it is pride month, and there are so many rainbow flags being flown around, carried on their backs, hung from buildings etc.

The buildings around the square are very interesting too! Seems like the population or demographics in the area may not be big enough to warrant full fledged libraries, certain types of museums in their own right. What there is though is a civic building entailing many of these functions! Love it!

The international house has very unique shaped balconies, and on the facade facing the street is full height glass, with huge planters that make it appear like a multi-storey greenhouse. I peered in from the street, and it looks like that side of the building is their laundry / service area.

As we walked deeper into the city, the modern museums start to dwindle, and the masonry street blocks start to get mode condensed and unified. Very nice to see how they have retained the old(er) part of the area and kept the new stuff outside / further away. To me, that is the character of a place – everyone can feel the persona changes through different eras!

This morning, I took another walk out to the Cathedral. I missed it on arrival on Sat as there were many church activities going on, because the next day as Whit Sunday. I was expecting to either turn away or attend mass this morning, but it was empty! Do I Guess whit Monday is a holiday-in-lieu? More questions to ask Google!

The cathedral is gorgeous. I sat at the centre of the nave for a long long time to admire the tall spaces, beautiful glass windows, and gold trimmings everywhere.

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