Turns out that I really did not have a chance to write when I was in Paris! I am now in Berlin, after a full day on the train.

We stopped over at Frankfurt for lunch. Originally planned for a relaxed proper lunch, but as there was urgent work to be completed, we just ate at the market hall at the train station. The food was still really good! Perfectly cooked pork! I had imagined myself eating pork knuckles nonstop, or maybe alternating between bratwurst sausages, but their serving size looked so huge I only went for a third of a rack of pork ribs.

Arrival was smooth, but it really take some getting used to, looking at the long names on street signs, and unpronounceable for I had never paid attention to this language. The tourist information center was helpful and pointed me in the direction I needed. People here seems quietly nice, it really made a very easy bus ride. I did not know that we have to press the button to open the bus door, and a passenger very quietly just pressed the button for us. Doubt my fellow traveller even noticed that half a second of a helping hand. (In Singapore, we are used to fully automatic doors …. absolutely spoilt bunch.. haha) I softly thanked the dude and he just smiled a quiet smile. So nice!

I had also expected heavy storms after seeing pics and hearing stories from my college tutor last night. But there was not even a drizzle when I landed, it was clear blue skies and rolling white clouds! What a relief. Public transport here looks really comprehensive, I was kind of worried about getting to hotel, but there were options! Buses or trams! Trams, I miss trams. I am impressed with any cities with any network of trams.

I had a refreshing shower, cleared out part of the work due, and then … here I am in the lobby of the hotel with a tiramisu and a glass of beer! I normally don’t drink beer (because of gluten- and yeast- intolerances), but how can I miss that when in Germany! So here I am refreshed and refresh-ing as I write this like post of mine.

Gute Nacht!

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