I spent the entire day outdoors today! A lot of walking, a lot of standing, a lot of waiting around. Delays for every public transport service I planned to take!

So there was a bomb scare yesterday .. not sure if it’s a scare or it’s something real. Some construction site nearby where I was, found a WWII bb (I don’t like this word, 😦 ) and apparently the train service to get back to my hotel was stopped. I had to take taxi home, which was interesting as well.

My friend helped me hail a cab with two other ladies (we don’t know them) heading the same way towards Alexanderplatz. And then when I got off, the taxi driver helped to do some calculations, and asked me to pass 5euros to the lady behind me. It’s like grabshare (Uber share?) but on-the-go, much like some cities in China (Hangzhou, which scared me).

So today, I thought I will be clever and just stick to buses and trams. But seems like it is a matter of location, location, location! So many bus services and train services were not working. Google obviously wasn’t in the loop, and was still giving all the timings for these services. Then blind me only looked around when the tram/bus didn’t show up when Google said it did. Well, all these bus stops and tram stands come with a screen that tells of the services and they read that there are no services today, or that services are disrupted.

I was tricked for a bit (in a good way). The non-functioning bus came in a double decker version during one of longggg waits. I happily even messaged bro that the public transport is back, up and running. But they were only shuttling us to a bigger transport hub. Guess that’s good enough for me! Beats walking (I have been walking the entire day)! So I happily switched and walked to the other bus, which was not working earlier in the day. Oh gosh, it was a realllllyyyyy long wait. There were many other tourists too, and everyone’s visibly looking hard at their googlemap. Everyone took turns to look at the bus stop signboard too, but apparently know one could read it, or no one could bring themselves to believe it. The weather was gr at, so if you are wondering why the heck i/we didn’t start reacting earlier, it’s because it was a really enjoyable outdoors day!

Ultimately, I caved and looked for alternative transport again. And I am finally back in my hotel, enjoying a currywurst in an air conditioned restaurant, with a Moscow mule, and writing this post.

I am really glad to be back writing!

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