Morning blabber

Oh my, I am very surprised I have not blogged about Cologne yet! Been too busy rabbiting around that I lost track! It just occurred to me last night, when chatting with a friend planning his trip to Paris, that it is actually a much better deal to be fleeing the expensive city and exploring other more interesting cities outside! The train tickets plus the accommodation in city X still work out to be cheaper than spending one night in Paris. Or could it be because we always end up here during the Airshow where rooms are always sold out?

I have been so immersed in this very pretty city since arrival yesterday late evening. Just the Dom is enough to take my breath away. And then it’s plaza, dotted with the Ludwig Museum in the foreground, while the sun sets behind the porous spires of The Dom. THE DOM I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO SEE!

As I walked around the city, I saw very beautiful “other” Cathedrals, majestic in their own rights. BUT, guess I only have with me, this one breath to take away. And only one day to walk around. So after visiting The Dom again this morning (and said my morning prayers in it!) I am now enjoying a sunny morning breakfast with this awesome architecture taking up my entire view, while I plan and strategise my next seven hours here.

Shopping would be the target, I think. Schedule has been so packed, I haven’t had time to shop yet (other than some little kiddy book). So, no Ludwig Museum, sorry Picasso, I never really understood you. Possibly another walk around their old market (again).

Ah well, let’s just see where Universe takes me in between / after shopping.

Post pics later! Watch this space! Or watch my Instagram~

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