I hardly got over my jetlag and had to jet off again for something very last minute. What was worse – it had to be a red-eye flight (dilated pupils), and the flight duration was neither here nor there – 7hours not long enough to sleep, while not short enough enough to maintain a fresh mind. Fortunately it was a pretty empty flight. I could toss and turn without worrying too much about affecting anyone else.

The hotel staff was very nice, I was very tired when I reached but check-in time was 2pm. So I went for a Long Long walk around the Big Big train station, but still only kept me occupied till 12 noon. I headed back and was ready to pay extra for early check-in, but they said it’s okay, there happened to be a room cleaned and ready, so I finally got to rest!!!

I tried clearing out some work but fell asleep in the middle of it. In the middle of a message! Imagine my colleague seeing the “Ping is typing…” for a good two hours that I slept.

Anyhow, the work wasn’t ready for me as yet, so I went off to roam around. Tokyo is not at all what I imagined it to be. Or maybe I just never imagined anything about it other than vending machines everywhere. Even where Godzilla was probably was not where I am staying at.

I arrived in the morning, so the people I saw on the streets were … Dressed in the same white shirt, blue/black pants, a blue/black jacket and carrying a blue/black briefcase. They were all … very.quiet. Even when they walk together in groups. It is a little hard to imagine, because later this evening when I popped out for a walk, it was still the same scene, just that they appear more casual now (clothes not so tucked in, ties not so tied) and they appear to be talking (but I still cannot hear them).

I decided that I am probably in the wrong part of town (again, just like in Berlin!) and googled for “shopping places in Tokyo”. The nearest was Ginza! Ah ha! I could have headed south to Ginza, than north to Nihonbashi. So I strolled along the very quiet streets of skyscrapers on one side and a huge park of only trees on the other (cos, imperial palace!)

This time the city looks more “normal” – there are more women on the streets now. BUT, it is also very touristy. Every time I hear a voice (shouting), it had to be Chinese. It is no longer orderly like the other side of town – crazy tourists crossing the road diagonally, so diagonal it looks almost like they are walking on the road. And .. well. These behaviour still mostly came from Chinese. 😦 interesting things to observe – I hardly hear any other languages on the road.

Meeting at Shinjuku tomorrow! Pray it goes well, and pray my shopping after goes well too. Wheee~

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  1. I can’t imagine what Tokyo would look like . Enjoy


  2. Epi B says:

    Because your blogs are always well written and interesting, I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. You can see all the requirements at the link here:


  3. So you’re near the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station, I take it. My favorite area around there is Marunōchi Naka-dori at night, south of the station on the palace side… peaceful. (Maybe not your thing?) Turn left at the end of the road (Harumi dori?) and you’re pointed toward Ginza. Just under the rail overpass, on the left side, is a big tourist info station. BTW, the East Garden of the Imperial Palace is open to the public during the day. Also peaceful. (Seeing a pattern?) 😉

    About the “salarymen”, they pour in on those iconic packed trains in the AM like armies of migrating office clones. Late in the day, they file into the local izakayas… and start drinking. The later in the evening that you ride a train out of the downtown, the louder the party on the train. 😀

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yes! I enjoyed walking down the street (I walked the entire east side of the imperial palace). The buildings are very stately and “present”. Was going to write about it, but fell asleep in the middle of work.
      If you mean the shops underneath the train tracks, I walked the whole stretch too.. valiant attempt to find a rare woman in the izakayas..
      Am at Asakusa now, this is more my kind of “shopping”. Hehe. Dropped by Senso-ji, but the temple feels more tourist-y than “powerspot-ty”.

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      1. Ha! I can picture you running the long, long gauntlet of the Nakamise shopping street up to the temple. Used to be kind of a Yakuza-run area. Admit that I have some really good New Year’s memories from the temple… it can be quite the party. Did you notice the Asahi Beer Hall by chance? (It’s the building across the river with the big gold… thing on top.) Hidden behind it is another, smaller bit of funky architecture… the “Superdry” Building. Izakaya-inspired architecture.

        Good luck finding a “power spot” in Tokyo. 😉

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      2. leapingtoes says:

        There’s some “Star Party” going on now, the streets are very very decorated. My hotel also had decorations and indoor trees to tie wishes to.
        No, I missed the Asahi Beer Hall. I went into Don Quijote and gave up looking at buildings after that. 😀
        No power spot, but I got a power lot!! My おみくじ says 大吉! gahahaha. So happy. And for some reason I had a 五十の縁 coin with me, so yay, manymanymanypower! 😀

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