Tokyo II

Ahh sooo sooo sooo is the commonly recognisable phrase I hear in the izakaya. My sort-of-colleagues and I had dinner and drinks at the Japanese-style gastropub in one of the happening food streets near my hotel. So they explained to me about the culture of hanging out with supervisors after work. How tiring is that!

Sooo sooo sooo, I was actually at Shibuya for my meeting, not Shinjuku, haha. It was just tall buildings, lotsa of loud brands shouting through the windows, and young people shopping (I had imagined them to be in school uniforms for some reason, but the reality wasn’t like that), and tourists queueing up to take photos with a dog sculpture. Hahaha. Reminder to myself to Google the dog reference. [Update: OMG! It’s a real dog with a real story of loyalty! It’s called Hachiko.]

After hearing my disappointment at Shibuya (nothing interesting…), they advised me to skip Shinjuku and Harajuku. Is it a sign that I’m old?! They proposed Asakusa (I almost booked my hotel there, actually), followed by Skytree, followed by the Imperial Palace. it’s already 5pm now, and I have achieved only a third of the plans. Tsk!

I had a great great breakfast at the hotel, pretty amazing spread of teenyweeny servings, and very healthy! No wonder Japanese are so slim. Then I went back to my room to catch up on some work discussions and reply some emails, and … oh my, it was almost noon when I left.. and still raining outside.

I still had to go out! Just three days in Tokyo, it makes no sense to stay in and drink soup waiting for the rain to stop. I borrowed a brolly from the concierge, with the intention of buying tonnes of good quality ultralight brollies to bring home as presents. Hahahahhahaha. What a joke. The ultralight ones are not cheap. I did not realise my mom is someone who is so willing to spend on lightweight stuffs (she buys only Japanese umbrellas for this reason).

On the other hand.. oh Gosh, I stocked up on all the goods I lamented not buying enough when I was in Osaka. Gasp. Imagine… 200bucks worth of …. handkerchiefs. Ouch. And slightly more for … purses.. ohmy ohmy. Purses are still not enough though, so I am going to hunt for more on my way back to the hotel. The only thing I have cut down on is incense. This really doesn’t feel like a place to buy / appreciate incense… (no luck finding powerspots).

So this shopping part of the itinerary was very very fruitful. Hahahahaha.

I am typing this blog while having an ice cold coffee at the bottom of Skytree, I usually am not at all interested in going up to the top of tall buildings / structures unless there is educational value involved, or if it is free. So so soooo, I went there, ready to still pay for a ticket to go up despite none of the above, but was warned that it is inclement weather and they have all the warnings about no refund (why would anyone in this would think there would be a refund for no views due to bad weather?!), and they even showed me what I would see if I am up there. How clever! They did it through a tv screen, and flashed me a laminated warning notice (again) about no refund. Hahahahahhaha. So okay. I shan’t go up. Did I ever mention before that the colleague brought us up the mountains, but it was so fogggyyy we just saw pure whiteness surrounding us… hahaha.

Anyhow. I am already pretty tired. Going to make my way back to the hotel now, and look out for purses along the way.

In appreciation to my physical self, “お疲れ様でした”, with a full bow with/to my achey bones and feet. (otsukaresama deshita equivalent to you have worked so hard all day)

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  1. Wow! You’re keeping busy! And congratulations on the much coveted 大吉!
    Hadn’t even occurred to me, “Tanabata” (Star Festival) is July 7.
    You’re there right up against the Mitama Matsuri at Yasukuni Shrine, and then Bon Odori… all very Japanese cultural events.

    Hate to admit it, but I like the Sky Tree. (Tall building tourist.) That said, the Tokyo Metro Government Building in Shinjuku has a free observation deck in each of its towers.

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