Suburban Paris

So we moved to Triel-sur-Seine for the final weekend. Our colleague stays at Verneuil-sur-Seine just across the Seine river. It was really enjoyable catching up with a friend whose place my dad and I bunked over at when we were in Barcelona.

It was mostly business talk this time, but I was more amazed by the serendipity that brought all of us at that same dinner table in far-away-suburban Paris. The three of the had known one another for decades, and I was the newbie in the group, which makes it all the more interesting to observe the dynamics.

The first dinner was beer and beer at a coffee-house nearby our guesthouse, followed by beer and beer at a pitstop between beer and dinner place. Then dinner! Yay, we went back to the same Italian restaurant we visited last trip, in the nearby Foret de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Creme brûlée was awesome.

Meals next day was at the colleague’s home. Meals because it stretched all the way from lunch to dinner to supper. We had cheeses and cherries and with the children, and then wines with our barbecued meats. Then we went shopping to a really nice town called Saint Germain to buy cheeses and cherries to bring home. It was a quick shopping trip before the shop closed by 8pm, and then made our way back home for another round of food. Dinner was the usual few-hour French version, but a lot more interesting because we just talked talked talked about more meaningful stuff as we ate and drank throughout the night. (Context: the longggg French dinners last two trips were with people I don’t really know, so I was mostly very restless throughout). And then it was food and drinks and drinks and drinks all the way till wee hours in the morning.

We had oysters right by the kitchen table! And wines as ate and chatted while working on the oysters. Then we moved on to dinner at the dining table – some Spanish speciality of raw salmon with raw oysters with caviar. It was good! Then followed by huge glasses of gin and tonic, the Portuguese gin was so fragrant!

It was tough waking up the next morning, I don’t even remember what we did the next day. We probably headed back for lunch, did some work, and then I really cannot remember anything else. Haha.

But here are photos of the lovely place we stayed at. The owner is an architect and lived there with his partner and their dog, and then rented the rest of the rooms out as a guesthouse. He personally makes all the breakfast, and it was a huge spread. Homemade yogurt with vanilla seeds, homemade marmalades and all types of jams, freshly squeezed orange juice and freshly brewed coffee, and freshly made crepes! Only their breads were bought, but even that was yummy as well. I am so gluten-ed from the trip but it is worth it when it comes to freshly baked French croissants and natively made French crepes. 😀

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