Today’s word is a mouthful! Pulchritudinous means beautiful, but does not sound at all like it. I read through many dictionary websites and they all seem to use it to refer to human physical attributes. But I don’t know anyone so beautiful that I would use such a long difficult word to describe him/her.

On the other hand, I recently acquired a set of beauties that I have been admiring non-stop since I brought them home. They are labradorite! Stones, basically. 😀 Very pulchritudinous stones, that look normal at first, but when you flash them around, they look astoundingly beautiful.

I read somewhere that the Inuits believed them to be the frozen embers from the aurora borealis. So every night before I sleep, I admire the aurora borealis frozen within the cold transparent grey stone. Yet they are so vibrant when caught from the correct angle. You can see the video here.

They are not only gorgeous, they are very useful. I kept a small one with me on the flights to meditate till I fall asleep. The small one is the prettiest of all, but I cannot find it at the moment. It is the one that I bring with me wherever I go. But I have been changing bags these few days, so now I cannot remember where it is at all. The bigger labros hung out with me yesterday when I was very tired and placed them on my chakras and went to sleep. Not sure what help they did, but I managed to sleep the whole day, and there was very strong energy flow throughout my sleep.

I am excited about trying out their healing energies again. Maybe one day I will find out what they do. (I mean, I can surf from all the crystal websites out there, but I want the answer to come from within…) In the meantime, I am very very happy with deep and sound sleep. ❤

Good night!

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  1. I think there’s a suspicion that Labradorite might be the “sunstone” that that Viking stories say were used to navigate through clouds and fog while at sea. They certainly look like sun glowing in the depths of a bright blue sky!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yesss !! That’s right! It looks like sun rays reflected on the deep turquoise surface of the ocean!

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