RDP Milestone

As I post this on ragtag, I cannot help applauding the other prompt sites I follow – Kristian/Dee/and friends, especially fandango who is singlehandedly churning out prompts. Fellow bloggers who started the journey the same time we did, for the same reason we did. Good job guys. Please keep going!!!!! ❤

More have emerged, but I have not been keeping up with blogging. So … I’ll add to the list when I remember. :p

It has been a very enjoyable journey going through ups and downs in/of/with ragtag as a team. Going through the downs (which sometimes can be quite a mess) is not easy. But I would say, it is really worth it. Keeping a community together, is a very fulfilling accomplishment. Although I am mostly just guest appearance when technology disappears, I am very very happy and very very honoured to be part of the gel that holds all of us together.

In fact, it can be seen as a larger community, by which I am referring to all the prompt sites altogether (not just ragtag), whom many bloggers string together in their daily prompt homeruns.

Thank you every fellow writer / blogger. And a surprise thank you to WordPress who dropped us but made us stronger in our own rights.

Our ragtag community is now 505 people strong! It has just crossed the one year mark (+almost one month~) since we started from seven separate personal sites of the founding ragtaggers, and found our way to one community pool, and slowly grew to this little milestone today. On behalf of the ragtag team, thank you everyone for your contributions through this year.

As a blogger, I am extremely thankful for the prompters – past, present (and future) – who have been so disciplined and focussed on providing us with one word everyday! We have had some struggles now and then with the technicalities, but still managed to generate one word (hehe, sometimes, two. 😀 ) every single day. At this point in our journey, it is also time for some of us to take a little break. Some short, some longer.

Starting from 1 August, we will be having a…

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  1. da-AL says:

    Many congrats 🙂


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