Songs of/from Home

Fusty songs from the emerging days of our country’s independence! They are rather aged, but very classic; old, but not at all rigid, I would in fact consider them to be very lively!

Some of them are songs dad used to sing to us, probably even as lullabies. He still sings them to Oscar, Oliver and Ruirui! There are so many languages in there, but we could sing all of them, but then again, I wouldn’t say we understand all of them. 😀

These songs are very very local Singaporean, written right here in this little island, and probably sung by anyone and everyone here who has access to TV/Radio. BUT, DECADES LATER, I hear some songs being sung by my students – in their native tongues (both in Mae Sot and in Phnom Penh). Heartwarming!

I have crossed the four-year mark of living in Singapore now, it is probably the longest period of time I have been working from here as a base. I am very proud to say that I have (finally) learnt very well, “Home is where the Heart is“.

It is when we have learnt to accept life, accept ourselves, accept our environment, and it no longer matters where we are – Mae Sot, or Singapore, or wherever we find ourselves to be, rooted or not – that we find any place to be Home. Because, Heart has found its resonance to its present place, present moment, in this very Universe. And that everything is always perfect (in the larger scheme of things).

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  1. sgeoil says:

    I agree they are lively! I like how they put the dates on the video.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      I grew up wth these songs and thought they were “my time”, but some of them came way before I was born! Found out only because of the dates on the video!

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  2. Cool video… love the fashion changes. And Happy Bicentennial!

    Also, I really like the photo… it says a lot.


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