Pinggles and the Shark

The intrepid adventure of an unknown diver / snorkeler beside a tame but stern shark in the middle of the ocean with crystal clear waters and a sandy undulating seabed has come to a conclusion today.

I have had recurring dreams since I was a child, and the image became clearer only when I started adult-ing, and its meaning/presence gained even greater clarity as I journeyed on the different chapters of my current life. I have briefly blogged about it here, here, and here, and guess today shall be its epilogue.

I joined the Theta basic class this weekend as it was holiday, and there was a strong feeling there is something to clear before I make the next turn in my road. It is funny, I could have gone to see Lynda or Zeo with K (which was in the plans originally), but I picked Theta at pretty much the last minute, and I went to class wondering why. I have been waiting to attend the World Relations class, but the timing never matched, yet this basic (which I have already attended, exactly four years ago) fitted nicely into my schedule, and possibly state of mind too.

Today, I picked a perfectly benign topic to work on for “my greatest fear”. Somehow we probed and probed and dug and dug, and ended up in a loop of similar tracks – about me not wanting to be on earth, not wanting to come back to earth, yadda yadda yadda. It went on for a long time but teacher Evlyn was very patient and continued to dig deeper and deeper and tried testing for different beliefs, until something finally cracked. I broke into a series of loud sobs as I blurted, “what? Atlantis again?!”

Atlantis has always been a touch-and-go topic for me, I tried doing research about it, but somehow could never retain any information other than that it was an island sunken somewhere deep down in the oceans (hypothetically Atlantic?) and that it was brought to its destruction by the technologically advanced use of crystals.

Today, I cleared many beliefs and past life issues with its destruction. I don’t want to go to the details, because I want to focus on releasing the past and integrating the lessons, so I can move on with greater faith in life (and myself) with ease and grace in the present and into the future.

What is interesting is that, as I read through the old posts, I see an almost subliminal hashtag #decrypting in all of them. And yes, this post makes it #decrypted. I was the diver / snorkeler (duh… ) even though he (yups, he) was seen as a third person. I have yet to figure the shark, but guess it was something karmic, and guess, I am just very thankful for his companionship through all these years / lives that we were so loyally guarding the realm. And so that seabed / sandy beach just below the crystal clear waters of the ocean (every adjective is very important: it was crystal clear waters, crisp and clean and perfectly present; and it was definitely an ocean) was the peaceful surface sand covering the sunken city. Even as we were clearing the programs (mostly revolving around guilt), I could still hear an / my inner voice, “Atlantis has to be sunk“, and I told her very honestly, “sorry, I don’t know anything about this… but I am still hearing this message”. So she explained the story to me about the misuse/abuse of crystals causing the downfall of mankind. (SIGH. … w.t.h…. I can only apologise for my past life … but then again, I am also on the healing path getting over this story which I just connected the dots about …)

We continued working on the clearing, and then went to the fourth plane to release all the vows, promises, obligations, etc, and then I saw myself SWIM AWAY. In all my dreams, I had always been swimming around, or swimming into a certain bend in the seabed. The image is extremely vivid, I can even paint it out (or maybe I really should). But today I SWAM AWAY. At the moment I swam away, I was extremely relieved and instantaneously told Evlyn, “it’s done.” (We had already been at it for a long time poking at / for the programs to release). “I have swum away.

OMG. The power of Theta, and the magic of parallel timelines.

Let me integrate the healing first… and then maybe at some point when I am more ready, I will feed more details into this story. It has been intense travelling between timelines and planes of existence. One more day to go.

Bring it on, Universe. I am ready for the bright and light brand-new journey of my this life. I am ready to lead mankind once again. For the highest good of all beings. I am ready to live my highest potential. And so be it.

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