Grasses galore

I have not paid attention to grassesΒ for a long long time. I have to cross many of them on my way to work, because my office is surrounded by empty parcels of land. But grasses here in Singapore tend to be just visual elements to make the area feel greener, especially since we are surrounded by the urban jungle. We do not even step on them, but instead, we go around them, but most usually, we walk on urban pathways that are built into them.

Writing this makes me miss school so much. South Lawn was always filled with people – sitting down, chatting, lying down, reading a book, munching on food, running around (naked and) giggling. Lawns there were a canvas for life and activities to play out. It is also where we had protests, and policing was coolly attained on horsebacks! BEST SCHOOL IN THE (MY) WORLD!!! ❀ I had so much fun hanging out in the sun in between classes.

I used to live across the road from Carlton Gardens (a UNESCO heritage site where we have our exams. BEST SCHOOL IN THE WORLD!!! haha), and I would go for a run every evening, ending with a lazy session just rolling around the grass. On sunny days, my housemate and I would take our little scarves and our little lunches there, with a book in hand and tan ourselves for abit.

Even the road median was a picnic ground for us. I had an artist for a neighbour, and he would always have his beach chair out in the road median, and people would stop by to chat with him. I did the same too, usually chatting about the philosophy books I just browsed through at Readings right behind our house. And Nova Cinema! Where we have cheap alternative films to watch on certain days of the week, and where we hang out on super hot summer days. And Brunetti’s! Where we smell tantalisingly fresh bread on our way to and from school. It has been such a long time, but the feeling and memory is so vivid. I miss my housemate so much! Maybe it is time to revisit this city again.

It has been so long that the photos are still stored in outdated devices (CDRoms? Zipdisks? Snapfish?). Thus, no pictures. I would love to paint the memories though.

In any case, here are some pics of low greens in my recent travels. People sitting at the lawn with the Cologne Dom in the background. Looking down from the Mont-Saint-Michel, and viewing the sandy beaches surrounded by grass and greens (and wondering why they chose the decision to build that road/bridge). Looking up to Mont-Saint-Michel, and seeing shrubs and trees popping through the terraces. I can imagine the grasses and children playing on them, can you?

And then we have the Asian pics. I can only imagine signs, “Please keep off grass”. The big one is of Beitou Library – I visited it when it was first built, and then I just have to bring my students there because it fits so well into nature. Respectful, that’s what it is, and that’s what I like. The last two are at the tourist spot which was the inspiration behind Spirited Away (a Japanese anime). Ingenious me managed to crop the tourists out of the photos, so you can enjoy the view of layers and layers of terraces cut into the hill slope, and layers and layers of ridges and islands sailing out into the Pacific.

So, there you go! Grasses and greens.

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  1. bushboy says:

    Glad the prompt cold evoke memories πŸ™‚

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Prompts do funny things to people!! πŸ˜€ It is like a bait, fishing out memories and sometimes many other strange things.


      1. bushboy says:

        Great analogy πŸ˜€

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