Law of Wisdom

I woke up very early this morning to attend a webinar on Wisdom. I really should be sleeping now, but would like to get this learning out of my system and share it before I head to bed.

My biggest takeaway was that I learnt the difference between the (Universal) Law of Truth and the Law of Wisdom.

  • The Law of Wisdom views the truth from all angles. What is truth for one person may be very different from another.
  • It takes Wisdom to know the difference.
  • Law of Truth is hard; Law of Wisdom is compassionate and softer. Work Wisdom with Kindness, work Wisdom with Compassion.

With Wisdom, we can understand so many unspoken truths.

  • With Wisdom, one can see into people’s hearts.
  • With Wisdom, one knows what say and what to withhold. Use Wisdom before we speak.
  • With Wisdom, we can discern between right and wrong.

Most importantly, I am grateful for the Wisdom to follow my own heart.

I Trust.

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  1. Nova says:

    Wisdom is applied knowledge 🧡💖

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  2. “…Wisdom to know the difference.” Very curious! The last words of the “Serenity Prayer”. Caused me to read this very carefully several times.
    Coincidental thoughts… I’m wondering. Or something sending a message?

    Good wishes to you.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yea, somehow this line stays in my thoughts for all prayers – the wisdom to know the difference. There are so many nuances in words we use but do not realise, for example, the difference between “secrecy” and “privacy”. Very different vibrations, and how we perceive / categorise it makes a hell lot of difference!
      I used to be so abrasive because of my feeling towards “truth” and “integrity”, like if I do not uphold “truth”, then I am not upholding my “integrity”. Guess now I have sort of felt / understood the Wisdom in that if I do not step in an “express” truth, it can be because there is some innate wisdom in that the space/event/people are not ready to perceive my “truth” as yet.
      Hehe, as for the specific context of the serenity prayer, I guess I have been granted the serenity to accept the things we cannot change AS YET, and accepting that possibly at some point we CAN . 😉 As for Courage, I intend to attend another webinar in this same series as Wisdom 😀 . Will share my insights!

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      1. leapingtoes says:

        Hehe. maybe another wisdom to gain would be the difference between stubbornness and faith. 😀

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      2. Just very strange… I don’t know if you saw the last thing I wrote. Indeed, there are very subtle but also significant differences between seemingly related perceptions and motivators… sympathy vs compassion, awe vs admiration, knowledge vs knowing…
        “Truth” is a tough one, especially with regard to “integrity”. Interpreting something with integrity can result in any number of truths. A scientist sees a mechanism where a healer sees God. Each interprets reality with integrity, and yet each arrives at an alternate truth. Perhaps life-experience tends to soften one’s sense of determination to run roughshod over others’ realities. I don’t like to leave links, but I wrote something back on August 13, 2015 about this.

        Your blog here is a curious outlier with regard to the descriptions in my last article. It’s also fascinating to me, as I think we’ve had somewhat similar life experiences (I think you’re about 4-years younger), but seem to have approached life from almost opposite directions. And yet, I see some convergence of thoughts… perhaps due to that softening of determination. Stubbornness and faith… yes. I’m still working on that one.

        Good cheer to you! 😀

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    2. leapingtoes says:

      SYNCHRONICITY!!! I just went into your blog to read it/them.
      I am not at all science-y (it gets too difficult for me) but I pick up the sciencey aspect in the healing modality i’m learning, which explains concepts via science concepts. One of them is the quantum mechanics/wave-particle duality you mentioned. I take it more from the form of “guess it makes sense…” because life experience sort of gives it a certain “knowingness” and the theory from science makes it sounds logical (but i’m not sciencey enough to delve deeper or attempt to prove anything but “it makes sense…”) I’ll write more about it!!! But not in this small comment box.
      Yes to the convergence! I probably get driven into thinking more in our little comment-box-conversations than in my actual blog posts.
      I remember our age gap is about 4-6 years, I remember you being the same age as the archi seniors I am currently teaching with, and I was wondering why suddenly Universe brought in so many people of the same age into my life (at the same time). 😀 must be a reason [dark matter without a name yet].

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      1. Apologies for the jargon. I’m an Applied Physics/Engineering background (not a theorist).
        “Synchronicity” vs “Spontaneous Synchronization” 😉

        A sort of necessary re-invention of self in Thailand and Cambodia resulted in a rather more objective view of “truth”. I wander both sides of the fence these days… the trail seeming to wind between those stubbornly evident patterns and believing in what I experience. But there seems a great deal of dark matter in the space between, so I’m keeping an open mind.

        That’s a beautiful flower. 😀

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