Intangible markers

Life is pretty funny. There are so many things we do not feel like doing, but still did because it just felt right for that moment. I choose to view these as invisible markers that Universe leaves us as guide posts along the way. I forgot this theory for awhile, so guess what happened today…

I have been in tired PMS-y grouchy mood these two days, and just want to sleep since I landed in Singapore. And Life. Arghs. There were so many nitty gritty things to attend too. So of course, being a human and/or a person, or rather being humane and personable, I still dealt with them rather than grousing or rushing to merely get “real work” done. But I enjoy that! There is a little soft space in my heart that enjoys these bits, more so than rushing back to crazyheavywork. Guess this is part one of intangible markers – noticing what we love and putting focus on it, rather than prioritising only what is commonly viewed as “more important” (aka work…).

So yay, came the weekend. Though, all I wanted to do is SLEEP. Friends messaged, but I was like, “Urghz, no, there is no real purpose going out, so I am going to just REST”. Little inner compass says, come on, just shower and breathe some fresh air. So yes, I did. I showered and would usually have taken a public bus since I have no real purpose to rush for, but quite a few friends have to leave by a certain time today. SO. Alright, I’ll take a Grab (Uber / Lyft equivalent) to the OTHER END of Singapore. Maybe Universe really plotted all these little insignificant details to get me onto that Grab ride. I enjoyed a deeply engaging conversation with the Grab driver today! It was extremely refreshing, especially after a couple of weeks of dealing with superficial and mediocre adults who converse like kids, plus students whom I have to explain many details on appreciating cultures.

I was extremely at ease with the soft classical music in the background and fresh smelling car and a driver spoke softly in very good and clear language. (Phnom Penh Grab is quite the opposite…). He is a musician, enjoys long drives to other countries in the region, and drives Grab only because he likes it. So we shared stories of our travels, and that was a very important marker to remind me of my journey. I hardly thought or talked about my story for a while now, but it is really cardinal in my knowing, trusting, and following the natural flow of events – because sometimes God puts certain things in our path to keep us away from what is not meant for us, or what is detrimental. He told the story of how he and his wife could not get train tickets to some city in China, but they really wanted to reach there before nightfall. They tried every counter, for all types of seats, but there were no tickets available. Being very determined, he asked around everywhere, and someone told him he could just try his luck at the train platform, and pay his way into the train and just stand the whole journey. They were successful, and even found seats on the train. Sometime along the journey, there was a huge booom explosion sound, and the glass windows on the train shattered. He was lucky, he was only covered in glass shards, but the man opposite him was bleeding crazily. Someone had thrown a rock at the train. His first thought was that they really should have just followed the flow of things and not force this trip.

That was not all. To reinforce the theme of our conversation, he also spoke about his boss’ secretary who was travelling on a busy work trip, but overslept and missed her flight. She had always been a vigilant person, so it was not at all possible that she woke up late. The flight she missed was the Silkair flight that crashed in 1997.

Such stories weigh on me, not just because I am flying Silkair (or whatever airlines for that matter) to and fro every week, but that there is absolutely nothing I can do to prevent any adversities. Other than to follow my intuition. And not force things against His will. 

This is really a timely marker, because I have been feeling very impatient about certain things these few weeks, and all the inner compass says has been, “it is not time yet“. How irksome is that? Previously, it has always been inner compass nudging me into place, and now it is the reverse. So yes, the marker today is not only reminding me of the time when I was caught (very fortunately though) in a failed terrorist attempt and how important it is to follow the intuitive timing that little inner compass rings, but even reinforced that theory with additional stories from external voices with their inner compasses.

Thank you Universe. I will remain patient for your timing, but just so you know, I am absolutely ready for you to bring on the turn into my new journey. ANYTIME 🙂

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