New word in my vocabulary! Fervent is probably the closest word I could get to the word Fervid. One thing I am very fervid about is language. Which probably explains why I got myself into the language business although my academic foundation is in the development field.

As with architecture, I enjoy figuring out the overall structure / form within which all the little detailed characters and letters delve. I enjoy dissecting sentences, moving them around, and watching them churn tiny differences into huge difference in meaning. I love learning new words and phrases, or testing out the applicability of them in new situations. Schoolmates used to study real hard for SATs to get into Ivy League schools, while I joined them in the studying only because there were so many new interesting words in there! And the practice papers placed closely similar words together, which made me think real hard.

So today, while checking my family chats and thinking hard on what to write about for RDP (somewhat panicking that I no longer have any passion in life), Sis sent us videos of Oliver in his Chinese class. He told my sis he is speaking nonsense. 😦 He is improving though, I now see him speaking to my parents in Mandarin, and it definitely isn’t nonsense, maybe just not structurally/grammatically correct. Sis then sent us a Chinese game whose advertising was, “within a month, your child can speak in flowing essays” (literally translated.. heh).

In school, we had to memorise sets and sets of Chinese sayings – 成语 (4-character idioms), 谚语 (proverbs), 俗语 (common sayings), 惯用语 (common phrases), 歇后语 (allegorical sayings) and so on and so forth. My siblings and I grew up memorizing Chinese poetry, which I believe we all still do not understand, in spite of having lived years in China. It can get quite embarrassing when I went on official site visits and had zero inkling on the poetry the officials were referencing. 

In any case, the competitive streak in us got me and my sis playing Chinese scrabble over the next hour. Dad gave up after a while, maybe it was too easy for him (he is Chinese-educated). So yay, I found my word of the day – I can be fervid about language!

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