There are times I feel like I am emotionless. I can look at things pointblank and deal with them as just plain events, facts and figures. Which can be very scarily cold to many, including myself. The other way of describing it could well be that I can view things from a very centred perspective, and weigh things out without letting emotions affect the decision or the process. Words do matter – a small change in framing it makes all the difference. Recently I had a friend note that she realises there is no “difficult” in her vocabulary, but instead, she views things as “challenging”. Guess that is how we end up being trail blazers, just from the choice of our words that frame the view point of looking at life. Interesting, isn’t it?

I do get infuriated, and there are certain sore spots / trigger points that I am starting to identify. Then again, maybe anger is one thing that keeps me sane and knowing that I am not all that emotionless. 😀

2018 was my journey into exploring the shadow aspects of myself, and it was through the vehicle of my human body which has so many stories to tell. 2019 – I still knew that this year I will still be delving into the memories of my body cells, just not sure in what way. How I knew? A lot of little details at the Green house in the book “The Journey Home” started to make a lot of sense to me. Since a month ago, I started being a case study for a friend doing BodyTalk.

Today’s session was coincidentally focussed on anger. Anger has so many names. I am normally very calm and unaffected by the people around me, because I conscientiously put myself in an energetic bubble whenever I feel the surrounding is “a little off”. When I get uncomfortable, I usually will send out white/golden light from my heart, cos this higher vibration will dissolve the lower vibrations around. I used to do plainly energy shields but they only deflect the lower vibrations, which means they still hover around somewhere. There is a certain person whose anger affects me alot, and I have to constantly and consistently clear my energy fields after ANY conversation. It is rather sad, the white/golden light doesn’t even work… imagine that.

So well, today’s focus was on this topic of why the heck does my body feels so frustrated I could feel the angst in every one of my body cells. It has gotten to the point when it is no longer the event or the contents of the conversation, but by sheer presence, an annoyance will get ignited and I will feel soooooooo physically trapped like my body cells were going to explode. When I say body cells, I really mean every body cell. Not a general, oh, I feel irritated, my body feels uncomfortable.

And the linkages were very interesting. Turns out that there was some active memory from a past life in some hundred AD, and something about how the adipose tissue helps to protect me by holding the toxins. And that when I free my fat tissues from this work, I have to make sure I sweat it out so these toxins does not get into my bloodstream. Bingo, I always thought/felt this person was very toxic to my environment. I usually try not to use such strong words to describe people and/or situations, but … well … now, even my body confirms so.

There were some other interesting linkages raised today, but I was totally conked out from the very light tapping motions, and cannot remember or register what was brought up. The same with the past sessions! My body responds to this system more so than what my mind can comprehend. I will share more when I finally understand what is going out. But right now, I can feel my body cells easing out of their stress statuses. So, I would say, so far, so good! Whether or not I understand what is going on, my body feels alot more at ease now.

I was posed two very interesting questions during today’s session. Am still eschewing them, and will blog about it very soon, whether or not I get an answer.

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