Thankful much!!

Today’s prompt is perfect for the contents I intended to cover. I am so so soΒ thankfulΒ for the good Creator has brought, and how Creator has taught and brought me to do good.

I had been really quiet the past week. (Well, then again, I had been really quiet from my blog for the past month.) Since early Monday morning, I had been theta-ing between the human world and the seventh plane. My brother-in-law became really ill, and was admitted into the ICU in the wee hours. It is a huge relief today (five days later), he’s finally conscious and we managed to talk to him in very audible manner!

I had wanted to blog down all the details as a diary entry, but seems like that wasn’t flowing too well. It was quite scary, so guess those are not stuff or energy fields that the Higher Wisdom wants me to remember, so okay, let’s write more Loving energetic lessons instead.

What I am most extremely thankful about is that a couple of weeks back, when I was attending bodywork sessions, I was tasked a piece of homework, “read your Basic ThetaHealing book”. Ah hah hah. This is a book that I have since five years ago, but I have never read it cover to cover. Last week, I finished reading it, and I learnt so so so much. Much more details and deeper understanding than just the course and the manual – the former provided the experience and the latter provided the crux. This book provided the coverage. For example, the contents covered what happens when people went through something very intense, e.g. dark night of the soul, or loss of consciousness. The Light Team changes! There is a whole changing over because the guidance required are going to be very very different when a person goes on a totally different tangent from their earlier journey. I also learnt how to do Theta for people who are unconscious – ask / tune in to their Higher Self.

At the more technical level, I learnt that when sending healing, we ask for healing to every cell in the body, and to send healing even to the virus and the bacteria. It is not a matter of sending healing to kill the virus and/or the bacteria but to send them love and healing as well. How great is God’s love for all beings!

I also learnt that guidance comes as and when it is needed and as and when we are open to it. And that the Universe holds space for us to do the work that is required, the work that is for the highest good and need of all beings around. Suddenly, this Monday, I received an email from the school admin to say that it is Advising/Reading days and there are no lessons for Wed and Thurs. Wed and Thurs are my teaching days. πŸ™‚ How lovely is that Greater Plan?! I was halfhearted about whether I should stay in SG or still head to PP (tickets have been bought, and also because I wasn’t exactly sure if it means I do not have to be in school). Heart decided to still write to students to tell them that I will be around and available for consultations even though there are no lessons. Stupid? No, Divine.

I finally got to rest on the plane. It was good. And maybe distance does matter. HAHA, while in the plane, up in the clouds, I was shown alot more things via Creator. I was shown alot of “reprogramming” going on and on and on. Never really hit me until when I was in school and asked another lecturer (who happened to be a very advanced thetahealer) for help. It is really amazing how Creator’s Grand Plan unfolded way before? We had been working in the same staff room and saying hi for more than a year, but I only accidentally found out she does Theta a few weeks back when another lecturer was not feeling well. So I asked for help, which she so willingly and lovingly did, and her words and guidance connected many of the dots of what I was shown.

Sis was very amazed, because what I shared with her was very aligned with what she and my cousin talked about. We were in different countries then! It helped her strategise her time with him, and guess that helped to pull quite some things together. There were also alot of timely events that we talked about that have helped things turn out alot alot alot better.

Having blogged all the above, these are definitely better contents than all the details of drudgery I had initially wanted to write about. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Gosh gosh, I am really really really thankful to the Universe for all the divine guidance and timeliness that has played out over these weeks.

On the work front, things were really quiet this entire week, not just the school “non-teaching days”, but my day job was quiet! And just an hour earlier, all the work has suddenly flooded in. THANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR YOUR DIVINE GUIDANCE AND TIMELINESS AND FOR HOLDING SPACE SO I COULD FOCUS ON WHAT IS FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL. ❀ ❀ ❀

And yes Universe, I am ready for my new journey in life. Bring it on. πŸ™‚


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  1. So glad your BIL is on the mend, and that earth and the astral plane are in sync and charging you with good energy, P.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thanks Tracy! He’ll be moved to a normal ward this afternoon. Phew, what a relief.

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