Before my blog turns to Ash

So I touched down in Singapore late tonight. And I just did tonnes of chores. Sorted out my Kefir, chatted with Dad, said hi to Bro, cleared out my mailbox and went through the crazy load of work. And then I decided to check out whether there is anything I can blog my heart and soul out before my anger burns everything around me down to ash.

Haha, there we go. Today’s prompt! Ash! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Keep my blog alive, I must, I must.

It has been quite an intense period for me, juggling an awful lot of different things. I am extremely grateful that I have such amazing mentors and guides and friends around me for guidance, reminders, support.

There are some things in life that, for some reason, we grew very blind to. And it takes another person to shine the light on how that is not the way to go, that is not fair, and that is not something we should be putting up with. I don’t have the capacity (nor clarity) to go into the details, so I shall just blurb all the sh*ts out for the time being.

Just a warning to every human being in this world (because .. well, human weaknesses …) – it is very important to bear in mind this idea of maintaining fairness, to other people, at all possible times. For a simple reason: people are willing to put up with your crapsh*ts for whatever position they are viewing, but when one fine day, divinity strikes a lightning stroke of wisdom, and then clarity ensues, and THAT IS IT. Karma will bite you in the ass. It all just takes that stroke of wisdom, to see things from a clear perspective of how it should be, and that is it. You can invade people’s boundaries, and take advantage of people’s kindness for as long as you think you can take that advantage, but just wait till karma bites you back. There is always a much Higher Wisdom and a much Divine Justice that is going to tweak everything back into balance again. For people who think you can get away with corroding people’s boundaries just because they were too busy to fuss, and they were merely choosing to close an eye (or half an eye) to your manner of taking advantage, there comes a day when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. And you really cannot blame the other party to just tell you to F*** OFF because Enough Is Enough.

Burning anger. Whooosh.

It is very liberating to suddenly have that lightning strike and realise that “hey man, things are getting way out of balance here”. Wheehee. LIBERATING. Oh my, what a good feeling it is. I feel a huge load off my back.

Yay, so I shall attempt to blog here more often. Clear my mind of sh*ts from the mundane human world. Iron out all the anger and gain more clarity! 😀 Sorry I have been away for wayyyyy too long. ❤


❤ Will blog happier and newer adventures tomorrow. There are also many happy vibrant energies sparking great vibes in my life. ❤ Feel so happy just reminiscing about it. 😀

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  1. bushboy says:

    So glad the prompt has given you renewed vigour. Blog on!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yups, thanks! This spark seems to have reignited the momentum … slowly but surely. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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