So! Today! Today, on the first day of the final month of this year, mark the calendar, is a new day a new way for me! It’s a funny time, not exactly the end or start of a year or a decade, but it is afterall a good time. Because the Ragtag Daily Prompt says so, and I am a big fan. ❤ 😀

Today I had a very empowering workshop with Zeo, and although the private sessions I have been having in the past years was just as empowering, but today felt somewhat like a shift. It was beyond the personal me, but a bigger larger Me for a bigger larger World.

So, hahahah, it feels funny to be writing this, but well well, a light-hearted self. Me, proud to be a (urban) planner, turns out to have my planning as my second largest weakness. The strongest (largest) weakness is the lack of rest/rejuvenation, well, don’t we all realise that!!! So with more questions (what’s new), and more clarifications, it seem rather correct that I am pretty weak in planning as a matter of scheduling things in. I have a habit of doing whatever comes up, and dealing with whatever that is deemed most important on my plate, while everything else gets shuffled and requeued behind. As we all know, my day job had always the highest priority, followed by probably my little doubleO nephews, and then everything else in bits and pieces of what is left. And Rest/Rejuvenation is/was always the last on the queue, because there is some silly idea that it is in my control and I can always catch up whenever. HAH! Hah! hah!

Since my last session with Zeo, I had started rebalancing. WHICH IS GREAT. It really set me on the momentum of reviewing my life, and reinforced whatever I wrote in the last set of anger rambles, and got me on this cycle of focussing on regaining the balance again. And when I focus, hahahahahaha, it is absolute focus. And I so absolutely focus on cutting out all the extraneous annoyance which had way overstepped the boundaries. Bye-bye Annoyance~ Watch your step!

And hence today is the day, I set my resolution (what an odd timing though!!! but I can’t wait a month for this!!!) giving every aspect of my life their respectful times. And that includes this blog. 🙂 ❤ And a bigger chunk of time to all that charms. 😀 ❤

Two days and counting. 😀


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  1. thanks for participating in our Ragtag prompt. I can identify with you: planning in one of my bigger weaknesses, too. I admire people who are list-makers; I’m sure they get lots done. 🙂
    Sadly, my biggest weakness is actually carrying out my plans and not getting distracted by some new brilliant idea that has to be investigated. 😦
    All the best to you.


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