Nothing enchants me nowadays other than watching the innocence of a little almost-two-year being enchanted by everything in the world. Here is lil’ Oscar absorbed by the pop-up tale of Peter Rabbit through the farm. He spots more things than my eyes could, like Peter Rabbit in a watering can, that I missed completely because there are just two many things moving on that page.

So many spiritual / zen books write about having a Beginner’s Mind. How did we lose it when the whole experience could have been Awesome.At.Every.Moment. had we just continued with it? Guess if don’t, we can just look pretty stupid (as an adult)? Maybe that is also why so many teachers along my spiritual journey has been encouraging me to spend more time with children. I turn into a little kid when I am with them. (Not when BabyO plays his nursery rhymes on repeat while expecting me to be his jukebox on repeat though.)

For example, I have been making kefir for a month now. Oliver is so so so in love with the drink, and we probably would have stopped the production if not for his excitedness about having it with his every meal. (It is quite troublesome cultivating them when I’m out of the country two days a week). We have to “burp” the jars every few hours, and even after a month, it is pure joy gathering around the bottle/jar to hear the “popppp!” and sometimes even watching the air fizzzz through the bottleneck. So Oliver has named this moonshine Pop Juice! Even the filtering process is an enchantment for him. As the pop juice filter into the bottle through a funnel, he would scream, “Jewel!!!!” Like the waterfall that flows through as our airport’s new iconic central rain vortex.

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