Feathers are back!

I am getting ready for my final school week for the year. There are a few items I must bring every trip – face/neck mask to keep out the PP dust while on a tuktuk, and my comfort scarf to throw around when I am working, my MacBook (of course) and my passport. Everything thing else are either items I cannot forget or items that I can live without for a couple of days.

Guess what spritely stands out on this bright orangeyblue scarf! It looks like a white plume has been deliberately planted on it! Gahaha. What heralds?! ❤ ❤ ❤

Sometimes we think a room is vacant, but there is so much going on which are beyond what our physical senses can capture. My room is like the soothing room for the babies, because … shhh… there are so many angels in here … Oliver has always been a really sensitive one and there were always so many feathers when he hung out in my room, and all the chuckles while he bounced around the bed. Oscar, on the other hand, does not seem to command that many feathers. Not any that I can remember. Whenever either of them are unwell or just super darn fussy, my parents would leave them in my room. There is some zen-ness about it which calms them down.

However  vacant a room may be, we leave vibrational imprints in the space. I know when my mom has been grousing in my room, because she leaves behind a feeling of abrasiveness, and I would cleanse the entire room with either sound, sage, or aura-soma sprays to restore the high vibes. If I do not, I end up being angsty for the next few days until I clean out the vibes. This is also why it is important to “cleanse” the work spaces, especially when there are angry emails and harsh teleconferences pinging around. For my office, I use the tuning fork 4096C and strike it against my sardonyx pebble, and then spin the fork anti-clockwise. At home, when I am busy, I have all types of aura-soma sprays to spritz on the four corners of the room and my bed. During full moons or when I have more time on my hands, I would sage the entire room. It makes a HUGE difference. I highly recommend that you give it a go – and feel the difference. I  close all doors and windows and work it through all edges and corners of the room, and then open everything up again when I am done.

We can also energetically cleanse a space. I do that now and then, only when I have to. It sounds rather iffy because it is something our physical senses cannot comprehend. However, coincidences are always too hard to deny. There was one night, I helped my cousin to energetically cleanse her space (distance / remote healing work) following our conversation in the early morning. When I was working on it, I saw four light columns coming down and sealing the entire space with a very stern, stable energy. Not my usual style, because I normally see pyramids … somehow Lord Kuthumi seems to always comes with pyramids .. hehe. So I told my cousin, “done, pretty good, I see four light columns protecting your space”. HAHAHAHA. Hilarious, she told me later that when she does her prayers, she will always first seal the four corners with light columns. 😀 😀 Gahahahaha. So yes, there are certain frequencies that we can really tune into when we are in sync. Beyond our physical senses, but undeniable when we start comparing stories with the sync-ed.

Yups, here we go, my take on Vacant for today. Plus a gentle reminder / public service announcement : always fill the vacant rooms up with positive vibes. ❤


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