My fugacious desire to sing has arisen again when this music video popped up on my YouTube feed while I was busy catching up on 2020 horoscope readings (haha another fad that pops up during “urgent” moments, e.g. panic before the year ends). It is rather un-coincidental, because just last weekend I missed out a karaoke outing as I was too flat out tired and missed all phone calls and messages. Well, we shall see how long this fleeting craving for the mike lasts this time.

I have not shared songs in a long time, and this one just blew me away, so here we go again! JJ Lin is Singaporean and really famous in China/Asia. Sadly, there are not many Singaporeans who make it big, and those who do/did, always broke through the market from overseas and only then do we hear about them in Singapore. I have my own theory about why this works (not just for singers) – the gist of it is that our local market/audience are highly critical rather than supportive. And it’s a darn tiny market, so it really does not make sense to start from homeground. If/when one day, I do hit a high note and be famous for whatsoever, I can be very sure it is because I started from the outside world and come home to wave only when I become famous.

On a happier note, I am also proud to say many of the names that made it big were from my alma mater. 🙂 So there’s still hope. 😀 😀 😀

* * * enough of my ranting * * *

The title of this song is along the lines of, “so what if I were to win the world, if I were to have lost you“. The Chinese is alot more succinct than this, but it really takes alot more English words to explain… The lyrics are mostly revolving the emotions of how he has lost her – the regretfulness of thinking back on his past mistakes with nowhere to hide, the helplessness no longer having the need (nor chance) to find tenacious excuses/reasons but to just force a smile and quietly look back on the waves of emotions and the memories etched in his heart. Especially after already witnessing the ups and downs of life (so what if I were to win the world).

It is basically a very … ouch .. ouch.. Ouch .. OUCH … ouch .. ow ow ow ow … song. “Having lost you, even when I win everything, it is still so cold and empty. Other than you, who else is there that can make me adore so wholeheartedly. ” Owwwww.

Chinese is an amazing language. Well-written Chinese lyrics are really breathtaking. The choice of words tug so hard at the heart strings, that I can feel mine breaking into pieces as I tried to find the English translations / expressions to explain them. And of course, JJ Lin did a tremendously great job at this performance!

AHHHHHH. I need to karaoke. !!!

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  1. I will come back to it tomorrow, Ping. Happy singing.

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