The transition word from 2019-2020 is Stellar! Hope we all have a stellar year ahead in 2020, dotted with many twinkly memories and events.

As I have been binge-reading/YouTube-ing the 2020 astrological readings, I spotted a pattern which I shall draw an analogy to Van Gogh’s paintings/palettes. (Because, starry, starry, night!)

Well, I have been looking forward to 2020, because 2019 had been quite a bitch. And guides have been lovingly telling me how much lighter 2020 is going to be for me compared to the past few years. Well, guess too, I have been very diligently working on shedding densities with a different focus in the past few years. I am very very proud to say that with each healthy emergence from a shitstorm, I had picked up new skills that have proven to work and which I have also been diligently honing. I can now calmly sit through any situations and poker faces, and see right through to the crux of the matter. I still get caught up in questioning myself whenever someone questions me. BUT, I have learnt to trust my intuition ( = my extremely reliable Light Team and my Higher Self) and stick to my guns even though I have no idea why yet. They (or We) have proven too many times that the invisible forces are so much wiser and directed much better actions than plain logic or rationale can. I did it again at the turn of the year, and … let’s see how the invisible magic unfolds again this time.

Different Light Teams (each person has one!) bring different experiences and lessons and guidance to their little person. We just know, because things just click. There are certain astrological channels I watch, because I love the way they put forth the information – always from a much larger perspective about life, and always how we can make use of the energies / trends of the moment be they “good” or “bad”. However “bad” an aspect is, there will be “warnings” but mostly how to positively make use of the situations. These are what click with me and the magical google and YouTube universe bring more such channels to me. TSK!

On the other hand, I have recently heard from a close friend about how scary 2020 is going to be. I went into the articles to have a read, and .. well.. I would say, there are channels that focus on the fear aspect. I do not think that they mean to intentionally tap into fear, but if they come from a viewpoint of fear (broader sense of the term – in the case of love versus fear), that is to say, they send out warnings, so that we are “prepared” rather than be caught in awful situations. Much like our naggy mothers to tell us to be careful of this and that – how things can be potentially unsafe, etc. It comes from a space of “love” still, or more aptly from a space of care and concern, rather than of Love (because it still stems from the frequency of fear, whereas we can go further up an octave into a frequency of Love). If this is getting confusing for you, basically it means to say that the greater Love in the Universe is that everything has a reason and purpose and a lesson to make us better people, even though those lessons may seem very fearful to human eyes.

Words hold different vibrations. Let’s just take for example – 2020 is a year of exploration. That give us a huge space of possibilities! Things that we never knew in our little glossary of human experiences before. Let’s say if I take the humanoid viewpoint of fear or warning on what to be careful of, it could mean, “right, there are going to be many trials and errors”, which could also read as “things aren’t going to be smooth, yo”.  See the difference?

But life is as such! There are the “bads” amongst the “goods”. It is really what we focus on, how we choose to read and act on it, and what are take-aways as we emerge from each. Let’s now get back to Starry, Starry Night. I found this page about Vincent Van Gogh’s Colour Theory. VVG’s colours are always so emotional, so dynamic, and so vibrant. Let’s take any one of his paintings as an analogy to Life. There are all sorts of colours in there, in different shades and hues and tints. But there are predominant colours which the webpage has analysed in a matter of hierarchy. Look at the contrasts! Let’s say they are the “good” and the “bad” – there is a matter of hierarchy in there, but the two main ones are in almost balanced proportion. They bring out the energy in each other. Isn’t that how vicissitudes in life work in tandem with one another to instil the existential experiences into our human experience? Look at the strokes and how the contrasting deep blues are hidden within the sea of yellow ochres. Would the yellow ochres feel that rich without those small, sparse blues intermittently woven into their under layers?

So there~ there are no good, no bad, just perfectly harmonised colours. ❤ Richer than rose tints! I shall work on expanding my vocabulary this year! Yay, in flows the #resolutions for the new year!

❤ Happy New Year 2020! ❤

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  1. Laureen says:

    A great, happy and successful New Year to you too!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you, Laureen! ❤

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