New … World ?

I am having very mixed feelings about this New Beginning as we enter the first week of the decade. This New Year is not just a brand new day into a brand new year, but also into a brand new decade. This transition was a rather contemplative one, as the news and videos of theΒ Aussie bushfires flashed through every news channel. Universe always gives us signs, and watching these as we transit the year/decade really makes me feel bleak about this new world that we are entering into.

I guess I am more afraid of the reality of
– Universe is blatantly and explicitly telling us that we really cannot take for granted that we will continue our ways of lives as though we will enjoy what we have/had enjoyed,
– and that with this right smack in our face, we still continue to take it for granted.

To put it in simpler and more straightforward terms, what if when this catastrophe is over, we are back to just viewing it as a historic event? What if we still do not see the connection with how the human race as a whole has contributed to the factors that contributed why/how this can happen at the (previously) unimaginable scale it is today? What if people still watch it as though it is news, and just another news story of a natural disaster – “poor Australia in flames”, or “poor California in flames” – without seeing how we in our own little personal ways have contributed to the factors that caused these areas to in flames this scale and size?

Shrugs. I don’t know. It pains to look back at the past decades and wonder, “are we doing enough?” “Did we do enough?” “Could be we have done better?” “How can we do better?” Β  It is scary to look back and see how things just have not exactly changed – we stick to our own conveniences, and just be more prepared with dealing with the aftereffects of human(‘s continued) actions.

In context of just late 2019: it was bad enough seeing my very own family medically affected by the haze from our adjacent neighbours’ fires (human intentional acts of burning forests). And I would say we were already very comfortably indoors and most of us air-conditioned in our homes/offices/hospitals, with access to electricity that powers up our huge-ass purifiers and packs of N95 masks (fitted with sizes). Inhalers were out-of-stock though, and those were for asthmatics – the people who are most affected. 😦 Our family is relatively well-prepared because of the hazardous episode seven years ago (purifiers were out-of-stock everywhere in the country, and … we bought ours all the way from the US…. )

So, I really feel for the people who are out there feeling the heat from the climatic conditions itself, from the fires, and for having to breathe the smoke and debris outdoors and in such close range. And the loss of so many other things, beings, …. at this indescribable and incomprehensible scale. I am deeply sorry that you have to go through this. Please take care, be safe, protect your lungs and your health if/while you can now. There are invisible health hazards that we may not see as yet …

I don’t know how I can do better as yet … other than lowering my own carbon footprint. But I guess Universe is nudging more than personal action but rather a more consolidated effort … Arghs. I don’t know, and I don’t want to be just a helpless useless little wimp whining behind the keyboard…

There is one thing I know where my heaviest carbon footprint lie. BUT … it really means alot to me to be able to work with youths of the future generation and instil purposeful values of how they can do better in their community and change the world/environment in whatever means they/we can. Still unsure if this is an excuse or a legit rationale. tsk.

Arghz. Anyway. Think hard .. work at personal level first… whatever is in my power. And reminder to myself: Not just at my convenience.

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