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Happy New Year! The perfect macro pic for Chinese New Year greetings! 鸿运当头、花开富贵、双双对对、十全十美.

Oliver can now rattle off an entire series of CNY well wishes. I am extremely proud of him! This is one last minute task I do every CNY – google for CNY phrases! It is a cultural challenge at a conversational level, these greetings roll off people’s tongues at four characters each time. We normally memorise four-character sayings only for Chinese exams … haha, so during Chinese New Year, everyone suddenly sounds “full of ink”** with this kind of four-wordy rhythm.  Dad printed out a whole page of them for Ollie to memorise and passed it to him. That is the funniest thing – how many of us can read those characters? Tsk.

** “Full of ink” is a phrase we use to describe people being (or seemingly) very learned. I imagine it stemmed from the Chinese calligraphy ink which is something only the very cultured Chinese people learn / do / know / practice. Most of us commoner Chinese just use pens, or we just type via roman transliterations. 😀

Well, I did learn a little Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting when I was little, but it is really not my cup of tea. Hahaa, Chinese tea drinking is another cultural thing, but guess this is where I lean more on the millennial side – bubble tea!!! – while the older, more aged aspect of me still prefers good quality tea leaves for my bubble tea.

Alrighty, happy lunar new year people! It’s 10:40PM now, I should be able to 守岁 this time, since I slept the later half of today away upon landing home.

++ 守岁 is one of the cultural practices we still sort of observe, and we stay up the whole night as a way of praying for longevity for the elders at home. It actually plays on the pun of age   (岁 sui) sounding like sleep (睡 shui). People tend to get lazier as cultures evolve, so we now just 守 (shou meaning keep watch) until past midnight. HEE HEE! Had a chat with my highschool classmate just now, and I told her …. I actually thought we were keeping watch to keep the “年 nian monster” away, and my family just hangs out in the living room together with all the lights on in the entire house, and most of us usually dozing off or catching forty winks while keeping watch. 😀

❤ 新年快乐! ❤

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  1. And I thought you were talking about an octopus! They are full ink too.

    Happy Chinese New Year to you too , Ping.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Octopus! It can potentially make a good auspicious spin with its 8 (prosperous!) tentacles! Haha
      🍊🍊Happy CNY! 🍊🍊

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      🧧🧧Happy New Year!!!! 🧧🧧

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  2. Happy Lunar New Year! 鼠年吉祥
    (Hopefully the kanji are correct.)
    I had to use Google to get several of the kanji (“岁” and “乐”). Always fun trying to extrapolate meanings from Chinese signs when bits of them never made it into the language!

    Good cheer! \(ツ)/


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Your kanji is 十全十美~
      鼠年快樂!歲歲平安!Do they look more familiar now? 😀
      Sometimes I get lazy, and use Traditional Chinese keyboard to type my kanji. 😉

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      1. Ha! I had to look up “歲歲”. To be honest, a lot of Japanese don’t recognize some of the older, lots-of-strokes kanji, even if they’re considered “Japanese”. “平安” though… that’s cool! That’s the name of an entire period of Japanese history (794 to 1185) when Kyoto became the capital. At that time, it was called Heian-kyō (平安京).

        Sounds… peaceful!

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      2. leapingtoes says:

        Peace and harmony year after year! Sounds about right with the Heian Period!

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