The news has switched its focus.

I am kind of kicking myself now for an oversight. I had intended to start getting ready with N95 masks for my family since last week. I only managed to get surgical masks and additional cycling masks for my own travelling on flights and in polluted Phnom Penh. When I got back to Singapore last week, the N95s AND surgical masks AND sanitizers have gone out-of-stock in every pharmacy and shop on this tiny island.

Well, things still weren’t so urgent when I got back on Fri, but things had evolved over the weekend. So I went out mask-hunting again this evening. I am very impressed by all the well-equipped Singaporeans who are already wearing masks, and they somehow managed to lay their hands on very nice black ones! More than impressed, I am envious! Hahaha, I always thought I am very paranoid when it comes to preparedness for anything, but I still can’t beat these other fellow countrymen! 😀 I could have just gone home after seeing the “out-of-stock” sign at the first pharmacy, but I was very determined to find out for myself whether I can actually lay my hands on one!! So. After visiting all the pharmacies in my neighbourhood – seven of them (!!!) – I saw an eighth with a longgggggg queue. AH-HA. Without asking or walking to the counter, it just has to be where the scarcest goods of the island are held. Bingo! I saw a family holding on to three packs of surgical masks as they exited. 😀

Nopes, I did not join the queue. I want to buy them, but not desperate enough to join the crazy queue as yet. Instead, I had tiny whiny session with my bro. I had messaged him to get some from Indonesia, but the cool cucumber said too late, he’s already on his way back. It takes two of us to get a right balance and walk the middle way. He flatly said the government has 50M N95s in stockpile, and that if things are really that urgent now, they would be mailing masks to every household. Which actually makes perfect sense, because yes, that is how much we trust our government and their judgement calls so far. ❤ Yea, however much I whine about things, I am very thankful for where I have been born into.

The tiny blunder to kick myself over was that I threw out my stash of N95s just last week, during spring cleaning. They were a little yellow, and I thought it might have been mould. Got them a few years ago and kept in my cabinet. This is a good reminder that if we do keep reserves on anything, keep an eye on their states of being. Even objects don’t live forever.

Hehe. Just whining a mountain out of a molehill. Because, too free.
I am looking forward to school, two days feel like a long time. 😀

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