Orange Jive

The madness keeps coming in waves. Yesterday, we turned Orange in the evening – it is rather widely reported around the world, I guess, and Singapore made it to the news for not-so-nice-but-not-our-fault reasons (sorry to the six brits!!). Our DORSCON got raised to the same level as SARS now 😦 apparently because there was some untraceability in new cases. There’s a part of me that just feels like “maybe someone wasn’t reporting enough details to the ministry” so that I can hide back under my blanket cover again. It is unimaginable that scary things spread invisibly like (black, very black) magic.

I am out at the cafe with Dad’s iPad, this time because I slept in the whole day with some wake time only to read sad news.

The malls are looking better now, not so many people, but most people are not wearing masks. I am very thankful for a rational government who still tries to talk and advocate sense to a crowd of irrational peeps. Well, then again, it is reported that there could be a global shortage of masks, PPEs, etc. A part of me says, “maybe it’s just Chinese New Year golden week and a whole widespread load of work stoppage hence the world production factory is not anywhere near its full capacity, and should resume soon” and things will boil over and I will get back into hiding under my blanket again. In any case, it looks like the stocks are in for surgical masks again, adverts have been flashing through my internet surf time!

The craziness now is … this is so weird… everything in the supermarket? It has been a day of panic buying since Orange. Toilet rolls, bread, rice, instant noodles, canned food, frozen food.. duh! I came out to the malls today partly because I was curious about this newest jive and wanted to see it for myself. But it was too crowded and … Guess I prefer to spend some peaceful time blogging at Starbucks instead.

I don’t understand… I can understand canned food, but they have expiry dates too. AND THEY TAKE UP SPACE and collect dust! I cannot understand stocking up on perishables. Rice is susceptible to food rot too, so how do they intend to eat those rice within their lifespan?! Bread – I guess you can freeze them and eat over a long time, but how much freezer space does a household have? Mine, even with dad’s sneaky new addition, is still filled with the CNY seafoods. Instant noodles make more sense, cos any Uni student would know its a major staple through intense study nights. The worst – vegetables. What??!! They cannot even last a week. What does one do with a pile of them? The funniest are the toilet papers and tampons I guess. The oddest are the condoms, the (ir)relevance really blew my mind. Until someone took a photo of its use….. hahahahaha. Good use covering the fingers before touching the lift buttons. WTH, right?!?!

The world I live in is a joke. I am relieved to say that my immediate family and most friends around me are finding it ridiculous and outrightly calling out such mad behaviours. Gosh, the irrationality is way beyond my comprehension. Mom stayed zen amidst the madness and came back with her two cans of braised pork, some onions, and a packet of beehoon for our lunch. Dad looked at the queue and left. Let me try and do a little better.

Hail! It’s the fifteenth / last day of CNY today, we have forgotten our glutinous rice balls!! I shall brave the crowd and get some to sweeten up this dreary period. Good luck to me! Or I’ll just get instant ones from some bubble tea shop. 😀


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  1. Good luck with the rice balls, Ping! 😀

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you Punam! I managed to get a bowl of ready made ones. 😀 They even gave me a bonus rice ball!

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      1. Good for you! 😀
        You are welcome.

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  2. Very scary, Ping. My heart goes out to those living this nightmare in China.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yes it is. And the numbers are still climbing. Thought it paused / slowed for a day, but guess not. 😦

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