So what’s new on the little red dot! You can tell who’s working in office buildings by the circular little stickers in various colours on their clothes! Monday was the first day of work after turning orange. Wow and Yay to the facility management peeps who have instilled a new process by the morning!

I sort of “escaped” my building checks because I normally enter from the side entrance, while they were taking temperatures at the front entrance. There was a sign that says something like “temp screening in front” but they did not lock the side (usually on weekends, they lock it) so I still went in and out that day! This just speaks so much about human (mis)behaviour. Hehe. We do not keep to “rules” unless we understand them, or are forcibly made to keep to them.

Went by the city to buy handwash as the babies are now back home, back in school, and back at the playground. The minute I left the handwash place, they sent a mass mail to say “out of stock”. Wowz. I only bought one bottle, in case you’re wondering… Also exclaimed to my family about the screening, and was told it is like that everywhere now. Wowzzz. There is really no need to buy thermometers (out of stock everywhere too) because I get mine taken every time I need to enter a building. hehe. And I get a little circular sticker to wordlessly say “temp checked!

By Tuesday, the clever facility management peeps have discovered that not locking the side entrance is a major loophole. So they locked it this time, as well as all the other usually connected spaces. I normally have lunch at the second floor restaurants, but they have set controls too! No direct access to offices. Thanks to my super warped schedule, I could waltz into office without having to queue for the screening. There was just the usual security guard who took my temperature. A coworker told me later that in the morning, there were like 5 people taking temps for a queue of office workers.

The walk home was also very interesting. In my neighbourhood, which is now the “second CBD”, all the buildings are joined by a walkway on the second floor. On good days, I stroll my way home. On tired days, I take bus. On busy days, I take Grab (Uber-equivalent). Yesterday was a good day, until I made my attempt home. Suddenly my usual route is an obstacle course! 😀 Getting to the malls and past the malls were easy. But I had to cut through the hospital. I normally enjoy walking through the hospital because it is almost still like a mall with healthy food, and free sanitizers. hehehehe!! Today they sealed my usual exit, so I had to go through another mall instead. Or a public building which provides industry training. I chose the latter, and haha, another road block. I saw a whole flood of people coming towards me, everyone with a sticker! It is so cute. Everyone has a tiny circular sticker like mine, but in different colours. Being architect by training, there is still an innate wayfinding skill embedded in me – I managed to get past the crowd and finally back onto my normal route home.

This is fun. In a way. hehe.

By the way, my blog saw a spike in numbers from my country. I am not too ready to be so exposed yet, so I am going to be very annoying and continue calling it my country without spelling out its name until this whole thing boils over. I wonder how many people are googling Orange or the like at the moment to attract so many views all of a sudden. Strange curious days ahead.


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  1. Unusual times for sure, hoping this whole thing passes soon

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yups, I hope it passes over safely soon…

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