Maelstrom sounds like the feeling in my gut right now. :/

I’m back in PP today for school. Rather calm here, but … well. Like senior M rightly put it, “we wouldn’t even know if Sihanoukville has turned into a zombie town”. There are the common sense numbers and the official numbers … Anyway, I shan’t blog too much … because …

Energy follows thought. And… the previous post has just kind of “proven” it. DoubleOs cannot play at the playground anymore, and I cannot weave through the malls anymore. Yikes. I will probably blog further about this only after this whole episode boils over. Let this be a bookmark for the time being… Call me superstitious or whatever…

I am just very thankful that we have very clear details put out to us on whatever is known, so we can plan ahead and avoid wherever whoever whatever.

It is a nightmare. Maybe I should pull some cards, get a Nine of Swords and then wake up like this never happened.

Is this the new world that we are living in now? 😦 Not a good start for the decade, whichever calendar we are working with. 😥

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  1. It must be very stressful, P.


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yes it is! :/ feels like the world in closing in … :s

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      1. We are with you in spirit. Take care.

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      2. leapingtoes says:

        Thank you!!!! ❤

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