Most desirable

If I may dream … what is most desirable right now is some good peaceful sleep without any worries about anybody about anything.

Then again, peace really is within us. There is just too much noise outside right now. Or rather, just too much noise inside,

  • “Who is that coughing next door” because I am back in the low-end hotel and I could hear Chinese voices in the Chinese language;
  • And then “hell, why I am sniffling” as deep worrisome contemplative thought as carriers are asymptomatic and I have no wish to be in the shoes of anyone of them. Then again, I am always sniffling here because this low-end hotel is dusty, and I am just so darn sensitive;
  • “Should I just stay here for a while” as mind interpolates all kinds of options, with heart just pulled all ways worried about the more vulnerable at home;
  • And the what-ifs of “maybe I should just keep still in my home country” and keep all health risks contained.

Tough thoughts. But you see, I (or we) can also take the Higher Perspective that everything in life happens for a reason, while worries only lower the immune system. But it is much easier said (or written) than done. I am not worried for myself, because I know myself. Then again, that just shows how much more room I have to work hard at achieving the whole idea of detachment or equanimity. I can meditate everyday, but I just end up clearing out negative energies for myself and my entire household, and manifesting good health and safety for my family. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Haha, yups, in the material world we live in, yes for sure.

But in the much larger picture of Life and soul journey, I know now, what is most desirable to me is really Equanimity in the broadest sense of the word. That which shall free me from all the worries and pain in the world.

(haha, and with equanimity, there really shouldn’t be any desire. how ironic. 😀 )

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