Home vacation

It is so good to be back home. Life looks normal here! I am probably the most abnormal, stepping out of my Grab ride all masked up. I could see the The Gaze from my neighbours and their eyes growing bigger as I walked to my block. So I removed my mask and said hi to the folks at the void deck (our ground floors are like community gathering grounds for old folks and children), and they looked more relieved, asking whether I just got off work. I told them I just got back to SG, so as not to invoke any panic. 😀 Coming home in the middle of the day, all masked up is highly suspicious!

My family is still making guesses on which block the confirmed case is in our neighbourhood. There are really all sorts of speculations, but our neighbourhood is only that big, so we just have to be extra cautious anyway. We have three households here, so whichever block it is, there is a very high chance it will be next to one of ours. TSK!

Amazingly, I feel so at ease today. Life is really back to normal when I am on ground, as compared to watching statistics swing around in charts from news channels all around the world.

I went for breakfast with my bro, we have not seen each other for weeks. Technically, I can even say that the last I saw him was last year – before our reunion dinner for CNY. We chatted about the trend and I have a new theory. You know how, sometimes when we get too flooded or overwhelmed (be it school, work, or anything under the sun), we throw our arms up in the air and give it all up and crawl under the blanket or the little hole and then pray really hard that it all just boils over? He used a much more technical term to explain it, “ah well, they will probably just give up and de-escalate this whole thing”. 😀 So we started talking about the signs of “de-escalation” … hehe. By “giving up”, I am referring to accepting the situation (that spread is inevitable), being level-headed about what is most important (caution and prevention), and tackling the problem at where it is more helpful (protecting the vulnerable).

So this just proves that whatever thing in life, it still boils down to how we perceive and position every situation. The whole epidemic is not going to change for a fact, but accepting it, accepting the situation, makes me feel alot less stressed! We learnt in bio class (decades ago, but I still remember!) about the Fight or Flight response, guess it can apply as an analogy here. How I had felt about this entire episode is that the external stimulus has triggered it, and it has been more than three weeks, and I just cannot turn it off. So it really requires an external stimulus to de-trigger it. MAYBE. Weird theories I have. 😀 Yea, so maybe the “de-escalation” shall be that de-triggering stimulus. hahaha.

We will just turn into a more civil and even more hygienic society. Hehe. I will also stop whining about my country and population (including/especially myself) being too clinical. hehe. Everyone in my family now heads straight to the hand washing points I set up, before they are allowed to touch anything else at home. Even the barely-two-year-old understands this concept. I came home and he wanted to play with me, and I said, “ah-yi has not washed hands yet” and he backed off and followed me till I am done washing my hands. Pretty cool, right! You should see his satisfied smug smile after washing his own hands, he would smell his own hands and smile really smugly.

Normalcy feels soooooo good. It feels like my body cells are now finally enjoying a good vacation.

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