Smooth and Flexible

Life is smooth when we are flexible.

I have been mentally prepared for flight cancellations since middle of last month. I am even thankful that I can still fly. Particularly since I started saying that, “let’s see if we can last through the semester”. Factually so, but undoubtedly, Law of Attraction still has its own magnetism. BUT I didn’t realise that it is so speedy and powerful. It takes only One Night of thinking/saying that, and BOOOM…. “Flight cancelled”. Urghs.

THEN AGAIN. When I was buying this ticket, I was already thinking, “but I don’t want to fly on Friday the 13th”. I then reminded myself to get over the superstition and just stick to realistic plans. So with my Wed morning flight cancelled (the airlines automatically moved me to the last flight on Wed, but it is too late for my classes!), I had to shift my schedule ahead by a day. Which means, Tues night in and Thurs night out (so it is still just two nights in PP). Amazing, right? So things still worked out, and I don’t have to fly on Friday the 13th. 🙂 Flexibility and surrender to the greater flow of life just makes life feel sooooooo smooooooth in spite of the bumpy obstacles.

Ah well. We shall see. Smoothness, Universe, thank you! ❤

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