Mercury Retrograde

I have not forgotten you, mercury retrograde. :/ I have not written about retrogrades and eclipses in a long long while, and I think that is good news! Haha, it means no astrological phenomenon had to take the blame for any earthly emotions.

Mercury the planet is 水星 (shui xing) in Chinese, literally translated to Water (水) Star (星). I never really remembered the Chinese names of any of the planets. The only person who use such terms when conversing with me is my Dad, and normally I would just simplify it to “okay, he is talking about some planet” quietly in my mind. There is a need to translate even that simplified version, because I cannot tell between Stars and Planets when the language medium is Chinese. Let me help you visualise through Chinese characters:

(heng xing – Stars) versus (xing xing – Planets)

And to top it off, when we sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, the little Star is 小星星 (xiao xing xing).

Note to myself:

  • Mercury = 水星 shui xing – Water Planet
  • Venus = 金星 jin xing – Gold Planet
  • Earth = 地球 di qiu – Ground Ball 
  • Mars = 火星 huo xing – Fire Planet [This one I know! Because Aries are Fiery!]
  • Jupiter = 木星 mu xing – Wood Planet
  • Saturn = 土星 tu xing – Soil Planet
  • Uranus = 天王星 tian wang xing – Sky King Planet
  • Neptune = 海王星 hai wang xing – Sea King Planet
  • Pluto = 冥王星 ming wang xing – Dark King Planet

I come from the generation when Pluto was still a Planet. 😀 Dark days? 😀

Anyways. Seems like I have finally started seeing (and acknowledging) the good of the bad events during Mercury Retrogrades. These are indeed times when communication screws up, followed by many many oops to many many people who had committed oops. So is it really bad that now, we get to see the bads that would have otherwise been covered up on non-retrograde days? 🙂 It can be annoying at the moment/period it happens, but then it is better to see through things early than to stupidly continue without realising it. So, I would say, it is not bad a deal in the larger scheme of things. 🙂 And then mercury retrograde continues to “screw it up” beyond its shady period, but it turns out so much better as an outcome! It is like an escape plan that comes embedded with the “bad news”. haha. So yes, I still love you Universe, with all the wise little disruptions and annoyances to my life.

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  1. Japanese is from Chinese, just using Japaneseified readings:
    Mercury – 水星 “suisei”
    Venus – 金星 “kinsei”
    Earth – 地球 “chikyuu”
    Mars – 火星 “kasei”
    Jupiter – 木星 “mokusei”
    Saturn – 土星 “dosei”
    Uranus – 天王星 “tennousei” (second kanji is read oddly)
    Neptune – 海王星 “kaiousei”
    Pluto – 冥王星 “meiousei”

    And I’ll add:
    Sun – 太陽 “taiyou” (big “yang” – no English word)
    Moon – 月 “tsuki” (moon)

    And yes… Aries. (-_^)

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      星 – sei、hoshi (boshi)、shin .. omg. so many.
      月 – tsuki、getsu …

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