Sunshine and Shade

Here is a photo with both Green and Sunshine. This is the poolside of where I stay when in PP. I have decided to treat myself better amidst the stress for crossing geographical borders during such strenuous times. (In a sad weird way, it makes me feel less guilty about my carbon footprint, because I still uphold the same standard that “yes, this job is meaningful enough for me to outweigh other considerations”.)

The mental stress of not knowing when I will be barred from a certain country or when I have to self-quarantine after returning from travels is no joke at all. Every week when I check-in to head home, I read the advisory brazenly displayed on the countertop as the ground staff flips through every page of my passport. It does not help that the list gets longer… (Latest restrictions here … ) And this is just the logistics aspect of the worries. There is also the more real health aspect of the worries, but I prefer to not even discuss that. :/ I just wear my mask, sanitise my hands, sometimes disinfect my little purse and sometimes even my passport, and then it is all “pray for the best” thereafter.

In a way, I am glad that for some weird reason late last year, I decided that I will surrender to the flow of life in all its richness. Which consequentially also meant that I am mentally prepared for this year to be weird and that I will not know what life brings. In economic terms, it means that I am ready for a slow time so that I can work on my happy slow things. Like bags and crafts – you would have seen many cutesy bags I have been making just because I like it 😀 both the bags and the process. In logistic terms, it means that for the first time in many years, I have zero plans to do any work travels to Europe and Japan/Korea. So, tada~ mental preparation in its weirdest of ways. I would have been angsty and disappointed if I had to see my scheduled plans go down the drain and not being able to tick a certain checkbox of tasks.

Guess this whole year is going to be watch-and-wait and watch-and-wait-again kind of pace. While watching and waiting, since I am just watching and just waiting, I might as well enjoy the sunshine and the greenery. The other side of the coin will be to be anxious while watching and waiting. I am nervous about what tomorrow brings, but that is not going to help me. So everyday, I put in that special little (or maybe not-so-little) effort to not be nervous. To just be cautious and be prepared. And then … I guess that is as much as I can do within my own efforts. And maybe pray very very hard that everyone around me and crossing my path are pulling their weight in being responsible. Other than that, I guess .. Hmm. Enjoy the sun when I can. It kills germs. 😉

OH oh oh! And the fruits on the tree. That is Jackfruit! It is yummy and we used to grow it in our own backyard when I lived in the village before Singapore became urbanised. 🙂 So many little things to admire and such sweeter things deserve more of my attention. ❤


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