Something Strange

There is something strange … in the neighbourhood. Gasp. That “one day” I mentioned in last post … is in fact, TODAY. GASP. Cambodia is now on the list of travel restrictions!  The list has extended to include all ASEAN countries (plus a few others). Urghs. This is exactly what I mean about not wanting to write things as I do not want to jinx it! Each time I mention something, it happens.

I have to start writing about winning a million dollar round the world trip where I can fly in Suites, sip champagne, read philosophy, chat about life, dream about ideals, travel the world inspiring people to be better versions of themselves. Thanks for bringing it on, Universe 😉

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  1. No, if you had all that money you’d get spoiled and complacent and not give it all away to those in need. 😉

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Nah, I wouldn’t. I will have so much money that I can be spoilt and still not be able to finish using them and therefore I will give all the extra away to those in need! 😉

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