Looking within

Looking within, I see my ex-housemate and I stockpiling on TimTams during peacetime. That was great fun. No panic, just sheer happiness. We would saunter in Safeway on our way home from school, and if anyone of us spotted the sign of TimTams on discount, that would be our post-dinner outing for the night. We would carry our empty backpacks to the supermarket and go crazy on all the different flavours on discount. It would get crazier when the turn for our favourite dark cherry ones. Now I look back on such memories, and wonder how the heck we managed to eat so much chocolate and biscuits. And both of us were soooooo slim then. The metabolism of youths!!! 😮

There are so much other things we can find when we look within, now there is hardly any space outside within available walking distance. There must be a Higher Perspective of why the Universe puts us through this. Something I never really thought about, but am now binge-reading the internet to tickle my brains a little. It is similar to my usual existential question about why there is war, why did Universe put us through war? I used to take it very simply as a matter of crackdown of overpopulation, and simplistically, it is an easy way out of explaining the epidemic/pandemic too. But I doubt it, there must be something deeper and bigger and more loving than plainly a reduction of human lives.

And so! I found this clip called Gratitude for the Virus. It helps to put things into perspective – the things we take for granted, the things we have ignored while chasing the things that did not have to matter, the deeply ingrained connectedness/unity we share but did not realise. Most importantly, the new awareness that the world will never be the same again. We cannot un-know what we intrinsically experience and know this period. There is no longer a self and other, because we are all in this together.

The contents I have been exploring includes those about how crises brings to surface the compassion we have for our neighbours and fellow beings, which is what we are seeing now. Other than the sensationalised panic shopping, hoarding, fighting, etc spread all around the social media, the other side of the coin features fellow neighbours stepping up to help the vulnerable. Where there is misinformation all over social media, there are also those trying to educate the public with factual and important information. Where there is lack of leadership, the experts step in without overstepping their boundaries (Aussies may want to watch this panel discussion). I think this is a huge sign of how we are transiting into a new world with a different world order. (Maybe along the lines of transit from authoritarian rules as the order to universal love and compassion as the new order? Something to think about~)

Looking within right now, it is still a mishmash haystack of all kinds of emotions. But I think I am starting to see that tiny needle of understanding. Guess I will be stringing the thoughts out by the day and watching them evolve?

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