So many empty things I can be writing about. My empty office, the empty streets, the almost-empty malls, and I have not ventured deep enough to see the empty shelves. But I heard from my family that it is not all that empty, possibly because life is basically a matter of perception and the supermarkets have been busy-ing themselves with keeping the shelves full to keep away from the tangent of a downward spiral.

My mind is now pretty empty too. Maybe that is the point of it all. There is nothing happening, so there is nothing for my mind to monkey over. Nine weeks have passed since Chinese New Year, and the world have been spiralling all around the virus in its ups and downs. Even my work which used to take up so much brain space, now spirals around the logistics thwarted by the virus too. I am not quite used to remote teaching yet, it is not easy not being able to stare the students in the eye and explain something meaningful and important. Now I just feel like a nagger going on and on to a few other screens somewhere else in another part of the world. Hehe, actually it is not that bad. The students were paying alot of attention, more than I could be.. haha. Either that or they were having so much fun fiddling with this new program that allows them to draw funny things on my screen when I teach, that it captured all their attention.

There is absolutely nothing to contemplate about! I would usually think about things that happen and my reaction or societal reactions towards something, but now, nothing is happening and so there is nothing to think or write about. The whole world is probably reading the same news, and there is not much point in me writing anything about what everyone is pondering about anyway.

Guess this is Universe still-ing our monkey minds! So is this what meditation is about? 😀 This is many notches higher than the blissful stillness I have “attained” thus far in my meditation practices. Whatever this is or this means, I will enjoy while I can. There is hardly this much quiet and this much material emptiness in my my life. I am sure there is something rich and deep melded within the void. ❤

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    Thanks a lot for spending your precious time in my blog page, looking forward for your comments and constructive feedbacks in future.
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