The better part of us

Funny how I wrote what I wrote in the last post.

This world is multi-dimensional, and while we feel helpless in this physical realm we lived in, we have no idea that some other aspect of us have been busying ourselves with light work we cannot see and we do not know about.

Was just talking to K about my exhaustion and like I have been drifting in and out of consciousness all day (in fact from yesterday or before? I cannot remember, time has been really fuzzy these days). It was the same for her, and she shared about how star seeds / light workers have been doing global service in dream state. It all makes sense when I entered into meditation just now.

Universe is loving and protective and very very wise. Today has been a very curious day. I have been hearing the highpitched frequencies – similar (but not exactly the same?) to the frequencies I hear during Mae Sot / Grace Garden days. I woke up to grab an ice coffee from the coffeeshop downstairs, as I felt soooo tired and very very warm. I woke up to see a shadow slid into the kitchen. That is where our ancestral altar is, so I went to offer incense, which most of us don’t do unless instructed by Mom. Today is Qingming, a day in the Chinese culture here where we offer our respects to our ancestors. It felt like Shadow was curious why there is nothing going on today, maybe. Aunt had sent WhatsApp notifications to everyone of our family member that we will not gather this year (social distancing…) Guess everyone had forgotten to inform the ancestors. Hee hee. So I did. Separate story, but possibly somewhat connected. Maybe Shadow came to remind me of my important business. ❤

In the conscious material world, I had been working on establishing boundaries, and extracting myself from the collective. This was because I had always been extremely sensitive which made me really tired from the emotions that weren’t mine. The collective consciousness is extremely dense and heavy. And sticky. But you see, we are all one, ultimately. When I went into meditation after the last post, I was guided to first clear myself, and so I did. There was alot of resentment, exasperation, and anger. Universe came through with a huge space of light. My mental mind would have imagined the energy flushing through and grounding them through my feet, as I have always been taught in many modalities. BUT IT WAS NOT. The light entered and dissolved the closed-ness of my heart and my lungs and my body around the heart chakra and solar plexus. and the light shone through from there. It was brilliantly bright white golden light.

Then I was nudged awake and to apply my pomander. I only have Pale Coral with me. My little self assumes this is Universe way of guiding me into protection, rather than distance (I had been distancing myself from the collective consciousness, because … well. dense, heavy, sticky). The energy flow intensified after that. There was a very strong and forceful light coming through me, particularly in my palms. It is THAT feeling when I used to channel during group meditation.

I went up and asked Creator to send healing and love to the areas traumatised by the pandemic and visualised love and light being sent to the globe. That is mental, really. Mental in the sense that my little self wanted to keep it at that level of distance from the trauma. But Creator is much wiser and loving than that. I was brought to the scene of the hospitals. 😥 I had been reading alot of news, but at the same time, consciously keeping photos out of my reads, because I know how much the images will haunt me. I was very surprised when Creator actually brought me to the scenes to show me what I was doing.

You may think sending love and light means to heal and make people better. But it may not necessarily be so. I was sending energies of peace. PEACE! My goodness. My mental mind always think of sending peace only in times of war and conflict. I was sending peace and illumination to help people cross over. I thought I would be freaking out but I am not, I am just very peaceful about this whole thing and absolutely calm while doing my thing.

Is this why time had been flying by? Multi-dimensions. Well, at least I am doing something useful. ❤ and the superduper high frequencies continue to buzz ….

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  1. You mentioned hearing frequencies. Will you elaborate?
    I often hear, inside my head, what sounds similar to what dial-up internet sounded like. A hum that rises and lowers in tone.
    I know I’m not crazy. Is that similar to what you experience?
    I found your post informative and it gave me a sense of calm. Thank you!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yes!!! I hear a different kind of hum under different circumstances. I used to work at the borders, so the meanings behind the different frequencies of hums serve very different purpose. The high ones, the low ones, the fast ones, the slow ones – takes a while to match up what they mean.
      I have been writing about them over the years, you can do a keyword search for “frequencies” or “vibration” in the search bar at the bottom of my blog.


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