My my, how time flies. It has been a week since my last post. I had assumed life at home would be alot of spare time to write and to think, but apparently not. My family has been on WFH (Work From Home) from a while now, so we are spending alot of time chatting and talking. We hide in our own little rooms and when some big news breaks (which is like almost every other hour), we will come out and have a chatter about it. Much of our time at the dining table was extrapolating info and discussing why’s, why-nots, what-ifs, maybes, and I-don’t-understands.

My previous previous post was a rehearsal for what is to come for this month. From intermittent blocks of WFHs and school closures, we have entered a phase of a long month stretch of WFHs and SFHs (school-from-home for the doubleOs). From having a choice to not having choice, even though the result is the same, psychologically it is a day and night of difference. I could choose to go to office to hold my online classes for the one-and-a-half-days of school. But from next Tuesday onwards, I cannot. I have to stay home. It is a huge thing, because the doubleOs are going to be at home too! Little o loves to knock on my door (when it’s closed) or climb all over my room (when it’s open). It will be super stressful for my parents to have to keep them away. So we have a new arrangement – our place will be the childcare centre, and my sis’ place will be our new small-office-home-office. We will be converting one of her rooms into a conf-call room, which is actually the most worrying part of this WFH stint. We have even worked out meal arrangements! My room will probably be converted into a Youtube room, where one of the Os watch in while the other O watches in the living room.

While we are working things out, I am really grateful that we have room for so many other choices. Which many in this world do not.

I don’t know how else to help the world. There is some form of helplessness in this respect. It feels like the only thing I can do now is to just pray for the world. Which I shall do, and you can join me too. There is a global meditation on 4:4:4 (4th April 2020).

Oooh, it’s just past 4:44pm here, I really should get going.  Or I can wait for the next hour to do that at Cambodia time. Hehe. Sending y’all love and light! ❤

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  1. Stay safe. Will join you in prayers at 4.44 pm IST.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Universe heartbeat is really amazing! I went into meditation after this post, and when I came out from the meditative state, it was exactly 4:44 Cambodian time. OH MY!

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      1. Truly amazing!

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  2. It is certainly tricking having everyone at home. Once you’ve got the routine set, it will be easier.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yes! We are testing it out next week. Will also try very hard not to binge on food… 😀 it gets a little crazy when there is suddenly many people to share food delivery costs with. 😮

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      1. But also many more mouths to eat it too, lol.


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