truth and Truth

I share the same thought with Christine about “what is the truth about this menace that has so totally disrupted our lives”.

It really annoys me when some things out there just looks so much like common sense (that it is untrue), yet we cannot touch and feel the truth that feels so walled out from us. I am getting quite frustrated with the amount of mistruths and distruths, and know that I should not be adding to the wild guesses. BUT I REALLY NEED TO RANT. So just take this post as a vent for the untruths (or maybe more prudent to say allegedly?) that I really want to strangle.


I am so annoyed. Just look at this chart. I like this website because there is nothing political about it – just a tabulation of global published data, which auto-sorts out by size. Everyday I look at this chart and ask myself (and when I get annoyed enough, I ask my family too), “HOW ON EARTH DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?” It makes sense only to a certain geographical location on planet earth with a Great Wall or maybe Great FireWall that keeps its truth within? Urghs.

I do alot of projections for a large part of my work – population, facilities, land area, density. So my sensitivity to data and trends are, by and large, very much on the ball.

I don’t think I have to say any further to explain my case-in-point. Maybe just a clarification that the numbers in this screencap shows Confirmed Cases. You can view the website to see the Deaths. My heart cannot even bear to screenshot that discrepancy in numbers for that column.

I am casting aside all the conspiracy theories for the time being. I was, in fact, quite mad this morning waking up to a forwarded SMS showcasing a published paper built on a genome sequencing of 160 samples. I am okay that scientific teams are working with whatever resources they have and sharing whatever they have (in fact, I love it). What I am NOT OKAY WITH is that people shove finger-pointing / blame-shifting theories into it to prove THEIR  POINT that “the C is not to blame”. I don’t incite hate. I merely incite truth.

So the cool calm cucumber me (burning with rage inside) replied with this comprising a much larger global sample size, factual as can be, without the analysis (and the conspiracy theories). What I like about this website is that it is open source collaboration, and I feel (or hope) this would be the new way forward in the new age after this pandemic.

I want to be zen and above it all. But I cannot. I get angry because I really don’t think we as a human population, a global human population, (who albeit really didn’t take very good care of our planet and other beings) deserves this type of dishonesty and lies.

I don’t blame the general C population because I don’t know if they know what that truth is, or even worse, maybe they do know, but there is nothing they can do about it.

I do hope that at some point the big T Truth will prevail. I hope that such structures of suppression of small t truths will crumble in the new Age of Aquarius. I hope that in the new era the human conscience will rise up to the challenge and tear down the old structures of opaque and callous controls.


(I am thankful am now outside the great firewall and able to write this post without worrying that I be dragged into oblivion in the darkness of night. Yet, some part of me still fears… and hence .. you know what that C refers to. 🙂 )

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