This virus we are dealing with is such an opportunist. It leaves absolutely no room for carelessness. My country is now in its “third wave” of its attacks. 😥

We did well for the first wave, but we are just a tiny island in this big big world. We also have a big big population out there in the wild wow world. Second wave was what has been termed the “returnees” (if you have not read about it, check out how crazy rich asian it sounds in this article here). But even that curvaceous wave has softened and been flattened. Since the outbreak, the biggest worry had always been community spread. It has always been lurking around the background while the big waves take centrestage. While still battling that, a “third wave” is rising at impeccable speed, possibly turning into a tsunami. 😥 You can see the geographical numbers here.

Our population has always been supported by a very strong foundation of workers from the region. Manual labour who moved here to earn a living and holding the hardest / toughest jobs around here – construction workers, garbage collectors, cleaners. I don’t think they get treated very well, and because of this latest wave, their living conditions is now for all to see. 😥 It hurts. So I guess, in a very cruel fated manner, this is a good time for everyone to re-look at how we treat “other” people. And mind you, through this pandemic, we see who the essential workers are. While we the non-essential ones are just sitting at home hiding away from the virus.

So the current attention is on their welfare. Yay, in a sad sad way. The densities are now being reshuffled and relocated, such that the safety distances are being met. Another yay in even sadder ways is that this period could the best treatment they will ever get to enjoy. Breathing space, clean comfortable beds, food being prepared and delivered to them, not having to work – I do hope that this makes up for how much we have let them down… but then again, how they live here is really much better than they would have back home. Then again … that polarity…

I also do hope that the world changes to a different focus (other than just $$$$) after this. Value, let us re-visit Value, not just benchmarking by Worth. Also, ValueS, by way of morals/ethics/virtues. I don’t know why, but I have a strong strong feeling that all the crapshits happening in 2020 is to clear out the heavy/negative thought forms of this world so that we can embrace the far far lighter/higher frequencies of compassion, empathy, love, and a bigger heart to feel the connection to all beings.

It’s 1:11am, I really should turn in now. Seems like the situation is only going to get worse before it can get better. 😥

Maybe the virus is here to highlight to us our weakest links / humanity weaknesses. 😥

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  1. curioussteph says:

    I am sorry you are on your third wave. Still on our first. I’ve had similar thoughts about the relearning, rethinking of of priorities on a worldwide basis. And if we don’t pay attention and learn now, oh brother! Stay well!

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  2. Good article, and I sincerely hope you’re right that people will see a different sort of “value” in one another after this is over. For some reason, this suddenly reminded me of Kate Bush’s, “The Ninth Wave”… the dreams of a sailor washed overboard who finds himself changed for the better after the ordeal… ends with, “I’ll tell my brothers, How much I love them.”

    Good wishes to you, and stay well!

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  3. Stay well. Hope sooner than later we all get this behind us

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