Bobba no more

This post is a totally different tone from the last. I see different faces of me surfacing under different circumstances (and am trying not to judge.. 😛 )

So our PM spoke again today. Normally when there are going to be announcements, people rush down to the supermarkets to stock up food. Today … is a little different. We are already in our “circuit breaker” mode, so we cannot even panic buy. Heehee. In a way, we have the “worst” news today – the tightening of measures mean that bubble tea is taken off the list of essential services! How could they!!!!

The announcement came in the evening, so … imagine … the panic buy after dinnertime. I applauded lil’ bro for his great foresight of buying asian desserts last night, which we already finished last night. AND, the sweet lil’ boy went to get more today, since it is our last chance for the next six weeks. When he got back with the tubs of rice dumplings, sesame paste, and soya beancurd, he told us how long the queues for bubble teas are! And I have been calling our neighbourhood the BBT Town because it seems like every brand has an outlet here. I asked for pics and he said he didn’t take any because they have been circulating around chat groups already. Indeed, soon after, I started receiving forwards of videos of BBT Qs and BBT fights. Gasp!!!

This is getting more and more depressing.

Pardon me if I don’t quite reply comments these days… I’m reading, and I’m digesting… but I don’t know, it just feels empty inside. I don’t quite know how to reply, cos there are like ten thousand conflicting thoughts and interpretations mashed up together that there is just no clarity nor coherence to whatever is happening. So I am just going to ramble on whatever comes to me, and then see if I can string something thoughtful after this whole thing boils over. If it boils over.

My lucky sis got to celebrate her birthday with a cake before sweets and confectionary shops (and many other “non-essential services” ) have to close from tonight till June. It is very depressing! We have yet to celebrate anybody’s birthday properly this year. My parents are missing their grandchildren. It is now just via FaceTime or shouting matches where the doubleOs shout from the downstairs playground while my mom shouts back from our 18th storey balcony (yes, we are very noisy..). Our next door neighbours hear them but cannot see them (they don’t have a balcony facing the playground) and they feel very sad as well.

It is all very weird. It is still very weird. How can some things just feel so surreal even though it has been weeks already. I’m just very very very tired. It is exhausting… not even sure what I am feeling exhausted about. Maybe it is like treading water – you don’t get anywhere, but just staying afloat, yet that itself zaps up so much energy. And we don’t get anywhere.

See? This is why bubble teas are essential. Such times we really need them for some tender loving. comfort. Just 11 minutes way from its sale being suspended. Tsk.

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  1. It is exhausting, Ping. I have a lot of sympathy for those who are baking their hearts out, for it is times like these that we need a little comfort. Take care, lovely. Wish I could do something for you.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thanks Tracy. ❤ I think part of the exhaustion is trying to find something useful / helpful to do instead of just helplessly sitting back…
      An NGO I have been sort of helping/working with is fundraising to provide supplies and assistance to a very poor area in Indonesia. If you can donate or spread the word around, that would be great!
      There are so many vulnerable groups around now… Will probably post something about this after my classes today or tomorrow…

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      1. Thank you for the link, Ping.

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