Dollops of Prejudices

Now that the country is finally openING up again, I finally get to attend the World Relations class I have been waiting for! It is a 5-day class, and we work on uncovering the hidden prejudices lurking under our skins, and then healing and releasing them. They come in all kinds of bits and pieces, dribs and drabs, and sometimes in dollops, and very eye-opening (and heart-opening) to work with/on.

Do you know that emotions and trauma can be passed down from our ancestors to us via DNA? I browsed through some of the articles regarding this topic of intergenerational epigenetic inheritance, and looks like it is the tip of the iceberg! One of the easier readings is here which shows some examples of the stresses of war being passed down.

The first day was on genetic bloodline, the second on genetic enemies, and third day was on religious groups. My biggest takeaway was lessons on Geography + History! I never really bothered with these in my high school days, hence my low level of comprehension during class. On the positive side of things, Mind has to take a step back, and Intuition gets to take on a larger chunk of the work! Mind gets to feast on information only after all the healing has been done, haha, perfect divine arrangement for me.

I am Chinese this life, this day and age. Interestingly, however, my genetic bloodline comes with many other different races. Human race has been around for hundreds and thousands of years, and global trade (and imperialism) has been around for thousands of years. Thus, all kinds of races, ethnicities and religions run in my genetic bloodline (and I suppose that applies to everyone else). We started the healing work with the usual Asians – Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Manchurians, Mongolians, Indians, Russians, etc etc. Some issues pop up here and there, but were resolved well and good. Then I muscle-test for the Southeast Asians, particularly where I had lived/worked – Burmese, Thai, Cambodians/Khmers, nothing popped up, yay. Universe then prodded for “Mediterraneans”, and oooh, I had issues with the Greeks, the Spanish, and the Turkish, but not the Portuguese. The issues that surfaced were obviously prejudices and judgements, I have no idea where/when/how they got into my system, but it is clear as skies how they affect my current view of situations, though not necessarily pertaining to those specific groups of people.

Genetic enemies were distantly intriguing, it really tested/pushed/broadened my understanding of history (I got curious and started reading when I got home after class). Apparently my genetic lines have big issues with the Japanese and the Brits. The problems do not shout in my face, but rather they came through in very convoluted ways. My problem with the Brits turned out to be anger towards them taking over aboriginal land in Australia. Duh, I knew it irked me, but I always thought it was an intellectual / academic topic that I delved into in school, not that I am involved in any deeper manner of sorts. We then sent much healing to the lands and to the people. It was painful and sorrowful, the lands were scarred, peoples were feeling scared, lost and broken. It is good reminder to continue sending love and healing to the lands (not only during fires). We are really all connected in one way or another, even though I am no longer anywhere in Australia physically.

The Japanese case was really funny though, it was a case of reverse psychology! I had always been impressed by the Japanese’ impeccable culture of keeping to rules and steps. I consider that an art and great craftsmanship 😀 To me, it is really beautiful how they strive for perfection in that kind of way. BUT! It is a different story when it is inherited from unrecognisable ancestry, into a present day culture that is now on a different modus operandi altogether. The healing in this case was to resolve and unplug from being a stickler for rules, so that I no longer have to feel the dilemma when I break out of the framework and be totally free and creative in addressing what is applicable to my reality in the now. It was a rather cute experience. As with the usual ancestral healing work, we still respect the culture as a whole, and integrate the essence and strengths of what is relevant and serves/supports us today.

Other races we muscle-tested issues for were the French, Americans, Russians, Germans and Italians. I had problems with the Germans and the Italians, but they resolved on their own after I cleared the other prejudices. Not bad a deal!! I will probably go through the rest of the imperialist countries over the span of this week, and see if anything else shows up.

Day 3 was on religious groups. We muscle-tested for issues with the more prominent religions – Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism. Surprisingly, I had issues with Buddhism and Hinduism. I also realise (after a grand three days of hard work…) that sometimes the issues that surface are in fact the practitioner’s (/healer’s) projection on the client. I know I have written something on this topic before, but this session was a good reminder that such situations arise. I told our instructor that I really did not feel anything that the practitioner was talking about when we were doing pair work. There was just no connection at all, almost like he is describing an alternative universe. I did ask Creator during and after the session, but He was the usual compassionate and loving, “go easy, everyone is on a learning journey”. And so I did. I watched, and learnt, and followed His guidance, and yay, I now learnt that is what Compassion and Patience look like. In this case, I am not sure whether I have tapped into the virtue of Wisdom as yet… maybe I’ll be shown in the last two days of the class!

The work on Hinduism was very beautiful. It really showed what dollops of inherited prejudices look like, and the switch between the Before and the After. I have always loved the bright colours of hindu festivals, but …. I never really took the time to appreciate it. There was always a subconscious blockage that cut off any appreciation for their culture. Turns out that it was because of my ancestral bloodline of contempt, which I subconsciously tuned into and had to adhere to in order to be loyal to my family line. All these are absolutely not known to me (doubt it occurs to my family either!). As most would know, there is a huge focus on racial harmony in my country here (or maybe that is why all the more there is subconscious suppression.. hmm…). Having healed/resolved the issue, I could feel the huge shift in my energy and consciousness. It was immediate, and it was within split seconds. I could bathe in the healing energy which was sooooooo heart-opening. There is so much richness in the culture, beyond the rich colours I was viewing in my energetic space. I could enjoy the clarity, the brilliance, the shine, of the dancers in beautiful saris, with a kaleidoscope of colourful powders forming geometric prints, and a lovely elephant adorned in gold and sparkling accessories.

This is a perfect example of the depth and breadth of humanity that prejudices have been blocking from us. It may not be in our clear path of choices, choices made by those that came before us, but they do cast a huge shadow and an invisible net that shields the depth of love we can have for our fellow human beings. I am very very grateful for the ability and the opportunity to open my heart and space to the beauty of a much greater love that I never knew I have the capacity for.

I wish that everyone of us are made aware that we are all connected. We are/were all one. We have to be conscious of the fact that there is always that possibility that those we hate/resent/begrudge/fear/envy may well share the same bloodline that flows through us.  Whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not.

Be aware of your prejudices. They may no longer serve you.

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  1. Very interesting! We all have such deep-rooted prejudices, we are not even aware of!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yesss!!! Our ancestors must have gone through a lot of turmoil to have to form these prejudices as defence mechanisms.
      While we sit in air-conditioned rooms in cosy sofas, thinking how much we hate these and those peoples. Tsk!!

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  2. I have believed for a long time that we do inherit different traits through our DNA. It never occured to me to consider prejudices. This is a course I would love to take! Thanks for sharing, your post is so interesting.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      You are welcome, glad to share new information. 🙂 It was also very new to me that emotions (trauma, fear, resentment, hatred, anger, prejudices) can be inherited! Always thought we only inherit physical / material traits.
      This is a part of a whole series of courses I have been taking over the years, you can look for the locations/availability here


  3. sgeoil says:

    A very interesting read and information to ponder. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      You are welcome! ❤ I’m open to discussion if any question arises in your pondering. 🙂

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      1. sgeoil says:

        Thank you!


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