Whoops, it’s August

Time flies. Was about to write “where did all the time go?” and then remembered, “whoOOops, time stayed home all year”. It is already August, meaning my semester break is nearly over. Three more weeks and it’s back to (virtual) school!

2020 is a year of marbles rolling around in weird places that I cannot even tell if I have lost them. School will be starting online this fall (autumn, in my language), no one has any idea whether/when classes will move back to the physical campus. Yawn!! Online classes are snooze-worthy when it is a continuous three hours. I have been spending last night and the whole of today prepping / revamping the lessons so that the students (and myself) will not get bored. Since the marbles are already all over the place, I might as well toss them around to create a new game altogether. It is starting to look fun, hope it will turn out well for them!

I am starting to step out of my house more frequently now, and for longer periods of time. Since last week, I have been venturing into office for a couple of hours on alternate afternoons. I can see the space getting more populated by the day. Almost everyone keeps their masks on, I have only seen one without. I do not understand how this person can be going around without a mask – firstly, isn’t it illegal? Secondly, isn’t he scared/worried/concerned? Thirdly, doesn’t he know it’s inconsiderate?

My mental calculation of safety radius is now: 1m from people wearing masks, expands to 2m when people are “half-“wearing masks, and to “DETOUR!! BEEP BEEP!!” when someone isn’t wearing his mask!

Funny, isn’t it? Your world and mine are probably so different, it may even appear like we are living in parallel universes. This pandemic has really highlighted the┬ámany different cultures, the many different kinds of personas. So many perspectives, so many approaches, so many different priorities.

Wherever we may be, whatever our circumstances, let’s do our best to make optimally sensible decisions and take sensible next steps and survive this crazy period and its aftermath.

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  1. arielaonthego says:

    great post! ­čÖé


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