Beachy weekend!

Woke up yesterday morning to a cutesy video clip of freshly hatched baby hawksbills heading out to sea. So lovely watching them scramble through the soft fine sand, really heartwarming to know that wildlife can co-exist with the urbanisation if/when we put our focus to it.

Another message from someone else was again about beach! And so’s today’s RDP. Hmm. Maybe Universe really reminding me to get a beach holiday? 😀

Twenty years ago, there was a movie called Summer Holiday, which was filmed in Malaysia, on an offshore island called Redang. The filming and the scene was sooooo beautiful – clear blue skies, bright sun, fine sand, and crystal clear waters – that a group of us took a summer holiday there! It was a long coach ride, followed by a long wait, followed by a long boat ride, but it was all well worth it. I remember the boat anchoring as near as it could to the beach, and then we had to jump into the water (with our bags!) and then waddle through the water to get onto land. It was such a beautiful experience, jumping into crystal clear waters and having the promfrets swim around us as we walk up the beach.

This video clip is the first of the series of 3 documentaries of Richie Ren revisiting Redang – physically travelling there again, with virtual snippets from the movie scenes of twenty years ago. There are alot of underwater scenes where they plant corals and swim with schools of fish and turtles, especially in the second and third episodes.

The documentary is in Mandarin and in Chinese subtitles, so … probably not quite easy to watch. SO!!! Instead, here is a music video of the chirpy sunny beachy song that has been playing in my head this whole weekend. How time flew! The guy in the documentary above is the 20years older version of the exact same dude in the centre in the music video below!

And the usual …. English translation of lyrics here! 😀


哎喲 那那那那個時候
啦啦~ 我們一起手牽手
啦啦~ 數著浪花一朵朵

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  1. Thanks for joining in the prompt. Hope you get your days at the beach yet this summer.

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