Five Stars

I woke up super early this morning and was still almost late. Here are the moon and the stars in my half-asleep half-awake state as I crawled out of bed to the open field nearby.

The plane quietly came by. I had imagined a helicopter, but dad said it’s too small, they had to drop a batch off here, and then move on to the other location and drop the next batch there. My country is that compact, the flight can cover both sites within minutes. 😉 If you zoom into some of the photos, you can see a tiny speck of aeroplane with six tiny specks of paratroopers. They then become larger and larger and then boom! Here they are, larger than life!

We then went home for shower and nap, before moving to the next location. The parade was decentralised this year due to the pandemic, so there were other troopers parading in the heartlands. We were especially lucky, as there was an overlap in route, so we got to see the vehicles turning in the first leg, and then watch them going straight past us in the second leg.


We then went home to shower again and nap again, and prepared for the night stars! I went off to buy cakes to celebrate the nation’s 55th birthday, and then proceeded to my office to blog while waiting for the fireworks. The Oos joined me later and we camped at the office watching the lake for fireworks. Yikes. It was already 8:20pm and nothing. Then we heard Boom Boom Boom, and … still nothing seen. And so we rushed from the 24th floor to the 5th floor garden and finally caught a glimpse of the fireworks. I was busy running with Oliver to see the fireworks and didn’t capture anything on video. So here’s a snapshot from my sis’ insta. The 🇸🇬 NDP 🇸🇬 experience is complete!!

❤ ! Happy Birthday Singapore ! ❤

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  1. Happy 55th to Singapore! I watched some of the fireworks online last night. When travel conditions resume, Singapore is going to be high on my list. During the quarantine restrictions here, I had been “running” indoors to videos of various routes, including some in Singapore. I’d like to do couple of them with shoes-on-the-ground.
    ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you!! I’ll catch up on watching the fireworks today. 😅 and also the rest of the parade. We were so busy chasing parachuters and tanks in real life that we did not watch anything on TV… but this was soooo funnnn.
      Welcome (in advance) to Singapore! I can meet you for coffee / beer / desserts after your running!

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