Fantabulous dreams

I like today’s prompt! Going to take this opportunity to blog the fabulous dream I had last month. I hardly have such vivid dreams that I can retain its clarity for more than a month. The even more fantabulous thing about it was that it played out in a series. Or maybe I was watching too many Kdramas (Korean drama series) the past two months.

One month ago, I did a course on World Relations, which I blogged about. What I had not blogged about were the dreams in between the classes. Guess there was so much to cover, that Universe assigned night-time as “homework” time. It is also what we call “integration”.

I cannot remember the entire sequence of events, so I shall quickly jot down those vestiges still within my reach.

I was with a team of people – quite alot of them (6-10?), and none whom I currently know. I guess they are “future people” who will enter my circle at some point later in my life. They were the “crew” kind of people, and we were on site, in the great outdoors. We were busy but calm, and everyone going about performing their roles.

The scene switches were really fast, they flashed from one to another as if there was only enough time for the important snippets to be featured.

I was in a huge hall, like a high school multi-purpose hall kind of scene. There were around eighty to a hundred people in the hall, sitting in small groups of 3-5 people, with overnight bags. It looks like we are in the middle of camp, or maybe getting ready for camp. I was there sitting with a few others, but not really talking to anyone (they feel like strangers / acquaintances?). Many of the groups were getting up and getting ready to leave, and they looked to me and some waved before they left. Some looked. Some made some remarks. The remark that was captured in the dream was along the lines of, “you mean she’s the lead? she looks so ordinary”. Eeeks, they were obviously referring to me.

So, it is all quite strange! But if this is to come true, that will be the perfect scenario for me! Hahhahaha. Firstly, it sounds like this Me in the dream is a big deal (yay!). Secondly, it means that this Me got to be that big a deal while being who she is – ordinary / every-day / “earthy”? , without having to be over-the-top flashy or trying too hard to appear great and “above-all”. If this does come true, it will be my figurative “dream come true” in a literal manner!

Scene flashed again, this time to two little structures in an endless desert of pure fine sand. The structures looked like they are shaped after the shell on the Bulbasaur (Pokemon!), ribbed structures made of cast iron, standing on stilts above the sand dunes. I was in one of them. The structure is fully open (archi fail!! no shelter from climatic elements!!) but there was privacy in the form of small folding partition. I was sprawled out on the floor and doing my writing (pen on paper!!). A gust of wind blew, and my paper got blown out of the structure, and I ran and reached out to grab it. PLOP!!! I fell 2 meters down into the soft fine sand. Shocking. Wasn’t it just a step down earlier? Then I looked at the structure “next door”. The dunes were just a step from its “ground” level. “I SEE HOW IT WORKS NOW,” I exclaimed in my thoughts. They are sand dunes, the terrain changes form as the winds spread them around!

Not quite sure what it means yet. But the environment was so clean, so clear, so pure. Blue cloudless skies. Soft warm sands that sparkled in the sun. Endless purity, almost like a manifestation of the iridescent seventh plane in the earthly material third plane.

Oh my. Fantabulous atmosphere. ❤

Will sketch the Bulbasaur structures on it later on!

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  1. Woo, that was quite and intriguing dream!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yea! I like how dreams takes on the kind of space/thoughts that we don’t really get to explore in waking hours!

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      1. Indeed, our souls live amazing lives outside of our bodies dont they.

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  2. Just my feeling… It wasn’t an “archi fail”. It was something created to take part in the character of the environment — open to blue sky and to cushioning sand. This strikes me as being about bringing teams together in a natural way, without forcing something. You understand what you want these people to see and to experience intuitively… experiential learning.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      I feel there is some kind of reminder that nature has something different (bigger / broader / more open) to offer if we don’t close ourselves from it. And that nature offers surprises that we don’t see, until it actually happens. It probably feels more comfortable in an enclosed safe space, but it can be limiting in ways we may not know, until we open ourselves to it.
      I like how you see the sand as cushioning! 🙂 It just felt Shocking to me, but yea it does has its cushioning effects! ❤

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  3. Leif Price says:

    That sounds like a fascinating dream!


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